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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher or Emerald Cut Diamonds will give you the best value. Going higher in diamond color, they will give you an additional benefit, but I’m not sure whether it’s worth the incremental price. This union often produces more brilliance than the emerald cut. Like the emerald cut, the Asscher cut has cropped corners; however, as the Asscher is square, the snip corners give it a somewhat octagonal shape. Once mounted in a four-prong setting, the diamond maintains its distinctive shape within a square silhouette. If you need more details then check out diamond guidelines.

Its unique shape can appear almost octagonal, delivering experienced and somewhat imperial look.

If you choose the SI clarity then make sure you will view the clarity of the diamond certificate. Because this shape highlights the clarity of the diamond. When choosing a color grade, consider that while the price of a J-color fancy shape is exceptional. Color may be visible in its corners.

All Asscher cut diamonds From us will appear square because each one is from 1.00 and 1.05 in length to width ratio. For our ideal Asscher-cut diamond, view the Gemone diamonds Certified Collection.

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