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Emerald-Cut Diamond Buying Guide

What is Emerald-cut Diamond?

An emerald cut is a type of diamond shape made to highlight long parallel step cuts along with cut corners to fashion a kind of octagon-like shape. One of the first cuts in use in jewelry. They also have a board and a flat plane that resembles stair steps when viewed from above. The style is referred to as a step cut. With the large table and distinctive step-cut pavilion, the emerald shape is inspired by its namesake gemstone. It’s cut with hardly any facets than round and princess-cut diamonds. The emerald cut emphasizes a diamond’s clarity, rather than its sparkle. An emerald-cut diamond varies from nearly square to a narrow rectangle.

The emerald shape is one of the classics of diamond shapes. Its shape is a rectangle step cut with cut corners and extensive flat facets that resemble steps and act like mirrors. Emeralds accentuate clarity and luster and are famous for their elegant beauty.

History of Emerald-cut Stone

It's one of the oldest forms of diamond, Its stylistic roots date back to the table cut of the 1500s when stonecutters originally created the shape and started the cutting process for emerald cut diamond. The shape also makes it tougher to chip the stone while you are wearing it. The emeralds were used in the art deco moment, in this era, this diamond shape really caught into popularity and has remained the most popular choice for engagement rings ever since that time.

What are the Best-setting for Emerald-cut Diamonds?


Emeralds provide the most perfect look in the solitaire setting as an Emerald-shaped solitaire ring provides the most elegant look to your finger by making them look slender and makes your finger look slimmer. While another significant option is the three-stone setting. This is where you have two smaller stones on both sides of the main stone, often a polar cut sitting perpendicularly to the main stone.

Price of Emerald-cut diamond


Emerald cuts are cheaper in price than any other especially round-cut diamonds. This is because there is less wastage when it comes to cutting emerald cut stone. In the cutting process, the stone is been wasted less than cutting of rough cut diamond from a rough of it. Generally, you have to go wot the higher grades when buying an emerald-cut diamond.

Some Amazing Facts about Emerald-cut stone

  • Emerald cuts can make the stone look larger due to the greater surface area.
  • Emerald-cut diamonds can make your fingers look more extended. Due to their unique and elongated shape.
  • Emerald cuts draw the eye along the size of the finger, making them seem more slender.
  • These rings are fairly rare. If you select this cut, you’ll be investing in a ring that is special to you.

The emerald cut is often analogized to the cushion cut and the Asscher cut. These are the most comparable to the emerald, but with specific differences. The Asscher is the square interpretation of the emerald cut but is exact in every other way. The choice between the two comes down thoroughly to preference in the shape and how it looks on your finger. The emerald cut is believed more timeless and it’s a wonderful choice if you’re in the market for a sparkler!

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