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Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond

Since the dawn of time, people have always been tempted towards mysterious, beautiful, and rare objects. Diamonds are one of the prettiest stones discovered by humans in the nature of Earth, here all diamonds are mined from Earth and not created equally hence it's a naturally occurring substance found by man.

The most precious diamonds have exceptional shine, reflection, color, and clarity and are of significant size. They have mysterious beauty within themselves which can't be matched with an ordinary stone. Pink, Blue, and Red are the rarest of them all with price tags to match.

Some of these diamonds have made their place in the world with intrinsic beauty and exceptional worth. The historical significance of these gemstones has only served to increase their value. Diamonds are been the possession of royalty for a long time and they are been valued for their unmatched beauty and appearance. Here, we have put a list of the Top Most Expensive Diamond, an undefined beauty with rich culture and history!

The Sakura Diamond - $29.3 Million

The Sakura Diamond

The Japanese word for cherry blossom is "sakura," and its soothing hues perfectly capture those of this purple-pink diamond. Sakura Diamond is graded as fancy and vivid and comes in the top 4% of pink diamonds found in this variety.

The Sakura Diamond was mined from the mines of Yakutia and was cut from a 27.8 carat of rough. It was known as the largest diamond uncovered in Russia. Hereby the carat weight of the Sakura Diamond is 15.81 carats having a price of $29.3 million.

The Orange Diamond - $35.5 million

The Orange Diamond

The Orange Diamonds are often referred to as "fire diamonds", as they are among the most unique gems on earth. The Orange Diamond is an incredibly rare, pure orange fancy bright, and shining diamond.

In comparison to other gems of its kind, this diamond is four times larger. It was the largest and most costly orange gem ever sold because of this, crashing the previous record. The pear-shaped Orange Diamond, the 14.82-carat stone was located in South Africa and belonged to the well-known "Andean Rockefeller".

Lesotho Legend - $40 Million

Lesotho Legend

The Lesotho Legend was discovered in 2018 in the kingdom of Lesotho, it's a colorless diamond type of IIA. It is believed that the size of this rough diamond is the size of two gold balls and has exceptional quality.

After being discovered it was sold to one of the anonymous buyers in Belgium Country within the span of just 2 months. Since then, it has disappeared without a trace. What wonderful pieces will result from it cannot yet be known. It's a rough cut with a 910-carat weight.


The Graff Pink Diamond - $46.2 million

The Graff Pink Diamond

Famous Diamond Trader Lawrence Graff purchased this exquisite pink diamond, hence the name. Graff bought the diamond in 2010, then trimmed and polished it to enhance its already vivid pink hue.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) thereon certified it as internally perfect. The Graff Pink Diamond was once owned by the famous jeweler Harry Winston.

The Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond - $48.4 million

The Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond

The Hong Kong Billionaire Joseph Lau bought this blue diamond in 2015 and then he renamed it The Blue Moon of Josephine after his daughter.

The diamond is categorized as striking-fancy blue and is believed to be nearly flawless. This type of fancy blue diamond is said to display a red shine when marked under ultraviolet light.

The Pink Star - $71.2 million

The Pink Star

The Pink Star Diamond, formerly known as the Steinmetz Pink, is the largest diamond of its kind and has a stunning beautiful brilliant pink color. The stone was originally 132.5 carats, and it took 2 years to cut and polish it into the flawless class IIa diamond it is today hence the recent carat weight of this diamond is 59.6 carats.

In 2017, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises in Hong Kong purchased it at auction and renamed it CTF Pink Star in remembrance of the recent Chow Tai Fook chairman’s late father.

The Centenary Diamond - $100 million

The Centenary Diamond

The glorious Centenary diamond showoffs flawless clarity and the most elevated grade color rating (D). The rough diamond acquired its name after being revealed at the De Beers centenary celebration in 1988.

The diamond is said to no longer be in De Beers' possession. The public is unaware of who is the current owner.

The Hope Diamond - $200-250 million

The Hope Diamond

The fancy dark grayish-blue diamond, which was located in the 1600s, has a wretched past. The diamond was stolen after being purchased by King Louis XIV and reappeared over 50 years later.

After that, people who became linked to the diamond were said to have experienced terrible luck.

Harry Winston donated the Hope diamond, which is now on display in the Smithsonian Museum.

The Cullinan - Up to $2 billion

The Cullinan

In 1905, the Cullinan diamond, generally guided to as the Star of Africa was seen. As of its finding, it was the most enormous rough diamond ever located, weighing 3,106.75 carats.

Since then, in addition to several lesser cuts, it has been cut into 9 major diamonds that are now segments of the British Crown jewels. The Sovereign Scepters with Cross is topped with Cullinan I, the biggest of the nine stones at 530.2 carats.

The Koh-I-Noor - Priceless

The Koh-I-Noor

Due to its brilliance and uniqueness, the Kohinoor has been accorded priceless status, making it the most expensive diamond in the world. "Mountain of Light" is the Persian translation of the name Kohinoor. With allegations that it was taken from India by the British, the privilege of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond has been an issue of ongoing controversy.

Originally, the diamond's significance was evaluated to be around 793 carats. Over the years, its size has been decreased in order to highlight its brilliance.


Here, you have the list of The Top Most Expensive Diamonds, they are been placed according to price. The magnificent Koh-i-Noor Diamond is priceless, as its undefined beauty and brilliance are something that makes it different from others. Each stone mentioned above has its own fascinating story that usually follows, creating diamonds the most favorably followed gemstone in the world.

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