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Pear-Shaped Diamond Guide

The beautiful pear-shaped diamond is a very famous and trendy cut, specifically for engagement rings. This unique style is shaped like a teardrop with an impressive silhouette, and it’s unlike any other diamond shape. They are eye-catching and very soothing, and their sharp edges connected with rounded curves hold a divinely feminine quality.

What is Pear-cut Diamond?

The pear-shaped diamonds are a unique and hybrid diamond cut combining the excellence and design style of both Round Brilliant and the Marquise that result in a shape with a single point and a circular end. The pear-cut black diamond is also known as the teardrop diamond because of its shape. Its cut can appear unique or classic depending on its setting. With 58 facets, its brilliant shape exhibits many sparkles. Its elongated shape lengthens the finger, making it a flatting choice for diamond pendants, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, and gifts.

History of Pear-cut diamond


Pear cut was created in the 15th- mid-century in Flanders. In 1475, where a Flemish diamond cutter named Lodewyk van Bercken had just invented the diamond-polishing wheel name scaif. This machine changed the industry forever and was a milestone for jewelers and diamond cutters alike. The machine permitted facets to be put into any diamond with total and ideal symmetry.

In 1969, Richard Burton bought a pear-shaped ring for her one. This luxurious pear-shaped diamond ring was a whopping 69.42 carat and brought the pear-cut diamond shape into the limelight.

What are the best settings for Pear-cut Diamonds?


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When you are going to buy the Pear Shaped Diamond, the setting you should look for are Prong Setting and Halo Setting. For pear-cut diamonds, the prong setting comes with either 5 prongs or 6 prongs, and hereby the 6-prong setting is the most perfect and popular for pear-shaped diamonds. The prongs safely hold the stone in place allows to see the stone fully. Both of these settings permit the diamond to be kept safe as well as let it sparkle at its best.

The Halo setting holds the stone in place via a row of ring material, or a double row if it’s a double halo. It is the most secure type of setting and it permits the center of the stone to look as big as possible.

Price of Pear cut Diamond

The price of any diamond, especially the pear-shaped cut, will eventually depend on the cut, symmetry, clarity, and color. But a good quality gem that has been cut perfectly with proper clarity and color usually ranges from $1,940 to $10,072.

Pros and cons of Pear-cut Diamond



  • price of a pear cut is more reasonable than a round-cut diamond
  • The shape of the pear cut is very complementary, bringing a feminine and extended quality to your finger.
  • When the pear cut is shaped properly the diamond reflects more brilliance and brightness through its facets.
  • It will make you look different from other rings and setting styles.


  • It's rare to find the high-quality pear-cut stone.
  • When the gem is poorly cut, The bow tie effect darkened spot that runs across the stone giving the look of a man’s bow tie.
  • The ending of the teardrop piece is a very weak point and can crack off or damage the diamond very easily.
  • Getting the cut perfectly symmetrical can be very hard.

Why choose Pear-cut Diamond?

  • Pear-cut stone has a rich history
  • It provides the best brilliance through its unique shape
  • The pear cut is a celebrity favorite cut
  • It makes your finger look elongated
  • The Pear shape has a vitality to its shape, making you feel classic, yet making a strong statement.


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