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Round-Cut Diamonds are traditionally the most popular Diamond given as a symbol of commitment. These Diamonds consist of 58 facets which show a brilliant cut.

The faceting of the Diamond makes them look clearer and they are the far most popular cuts in the diamond.  Due to the mechanics of its form, the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond is generally superior to fancy Diamond shapes at the proper reflection of light maximizing possible brightness.


People love to wear round diamonds with different facets and from earlier times this round-cut diamond is famous in all jewelry. Since 1919, this shape has been very widespread among humans.

History and Origin of Round Shape Diamond

Round Cut Diamonds are one of the most popular while the classic shape represents eternal love. This circular shape shows the 58 auxiliary eye-catching facets of the diamond. It maximizes and captures the light from all angles, which is why it is popularly guided to as a round brilliant diamond.

Marcel Tolkowsky initially developed the trendy round brilliant diamond. However, to date, the diamond industry uses Tolkowsky's model as a guide for the “ideal cut, which has been modified and perfected over time.

The round diamond originated back in the 17th century, it was traced when diamond cutters found more refined and intricate ways of cutting diamonds. The designer Cardinal Mazarin, made the first cross-cut diamond in 1650 after which the brilliant cut round shape diamond was also known as Mazarins. The Round Diamond tends to show the best brilliance and sparkle from it.

Key Factors

  • Round, Symmetrical shape

  • Depth % of 60.1-62.6

  • Thin to the slightly thick girdle.

  • No culet.

  • Gia refers to the following grades in terms of the Round Diamond- Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.


Famous as Engagement Rings

Every individual mostly selects round Brilliant cut diamond engagement rings for a simple and elegant look. The classic round diamond is versatile as its fashion will never fade away. Their demand makes them come into limelight among the celebrities too. There are many celebrities who have a perfect ideal round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. The round diamond is generally used for the classic single solitaire ring which lured everyone's attention to the single solitaire diamond and creates the perfect chic and magical look. Sometimes you can also add some diamond to the band of the ring to add extra sparkle to the diamond engagement ring. 1ct round brilliant cut diamond ring is generally selected by most of a couple of their simple and easy-going glance.



A Halo White Diamond Ring is the most versatile choice for your special day and makes it more special getting it.

Price of 1carat Round Cut Diamond

A good quality ring can range up from $6,500 to $7,500, it can cost a little high than other fancy shapes because of its radiant look, and they are higher in demand than any other diamond shape. A typical round diamond (For Eg: – a 1 carat, F-color, VS2-clarity, Ex cut) may cost 25-35% more than a similar fancy shape. Here, a 1Carat diamond is an ideal choice for an engagement ring.

Nowadays the most traditional and famous choice for jewelry is round brilliant cut. The round brilliant cut diamonds are normally purchased to be set in diamond earrings, studs, solitaire pendants, bracelets, necklaces, or engagement rings. As there 58 facets allow reflecting light in larger proportion.

Brilliance- Brilliance is the thing that makes the diamond sparkle. It's the amount of light that reflects from the table of the diamond which directly your eyes can see them. The ideal cut of the stone reflects more light and brilliance through it so; it also showcases an immense amount of fire.

The style of round-shape diamond cutting is a bit older and was used more when diamonds were hand cut. Most retailers can find both types of diamonds for you; the 4cs diamond guide will help to understand the diamond in the best way.

Halo Design- A round diamond with a halo setting has also become a classic like its more basic cousin the solitaire. That's likely because accent diamonds set in a halo are an elegant and cost-effective way to add size to your center stone. In reality, they can make it seem up to a half-carat larger. Shop for the Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from the versatile collection of the store as Halos are perfect for the one who wants to stand out.

Round-Cut diamonds will surely make a special stand-out in front of the crowd and will fit your personality perfectly.

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