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Are black diamonds real? Black diamonds are sometimes color enhance.
Black diamonds are real diamonds however black diamonds are created with the help of black color treatment.

To observe the very dark green color, a fiber-optic light may be placed near a fine edge of the diamond (normally close to the Girdle). This enables the light to illuminate some of the interiors of the stone. The very dark green color that comes visible is commonly seen in enhanced black diamonds. It's seen nowhere in natural diamonds and may be a result of radiation treatment.

Normally, black diamonds do not light; they really consume the light and that is the reason why they are doing not sparkle as much as their white identical elements do.


Yes, a natural black diamond has a color that is the result of various inclusions. Most of those inclusions are carbon and other forms of gas. Because of the high amount of those dark inclusions, natural black diamonds are usually opaque.

Also, because of these high inclusions, the diamonds are very easily cracked and are difficult to cut making them tough to polish and finish. There are some natural giant black diamonds that are very famous the Black Star of Africa at 202 Carat and the Black Orlov at 67.50 Carat.


Most people need natural gems and diamonds. An improved black diamond may be a natural diamond that's treated to obtain a standardized color. It usually has much better quality than a "natural black diamond", because of the character of its inclusions, which also increases the black diamond price, you should know the 4cs of a diamond. Enhanced black diamonds look beautiful when set with opposing white diamonds or even as a solitaire piece. Shopping for a black diamond is buying a genuine diamond.


The posh appearance of the black diamond has led to its growing popularity. With a black diamond value increasing daily, it's an elegant gem with a rich look! Usually, black diamonds became famous in the American rap culture. The American-origin black rappers have worn them usually in rings and pendants during their shows and this is the reason why right now these diamonds are so famous. During the last few years, even the Japanese started using them. 

Find the difference between two pieces and then build your own judgment about which one suits best for your jewelry. The first photo is of an earth-mined natural black diamond which appearance bad, and is costly...


the second photo is treated black diamond which is $100 per carat quality and looks so beautiful...I'm telling you...there's no second-guessing...treated commands are an upper hand in most parameters.


Black Diamonds' popularity has grown rapidly over the past few years, and these mysterious stones are based in most jewelry designs today.

While you will find some striking distinctions between enhanced Black Diamonds and Natural ones, you should know they are both just as tough.

When looking for black diamonds online, there are some things you should know.

Natural and Natural Enhanced Black Diamonds - The Difference

Enhanced Natural Black Diamonds are those which are black by nature due to various plate inclusions, mostly graphite. Inclusions are trapped in the form of gas or other particles. Because of the various inclusions, cutting and polishing are very challenging with Natural diamonds that have not been enhanced. They also have many cracks and fractures that make them unfit for many traditional pieces of jewelry.

Enhanced Natural Black Diamonds

Treated black diamonds are still diamonds, but they won't pass a DiamondNite tester. This happens because of the diamond's conductivity changes if it's treated, so the tester says it isn't a diamond, even though it is a 100% real diamond.

Get Your Paperwork Done Properly

Any diamonds you purchase should come to you with their Origin Report (OR) and be USA certified by GIA, (the Gemological Institute of America), IGI (the International Gemological Institute), or AGS (the American Gem Society).

Make sure that diamond has a certificate whether it's natural or treated. Search for the words 'treated', 'enhanced' or 'fancy black' in diamonds that have been treated. Enhanced rings, pendants & diamond huggie hoop earrings jewelry can be a great gift idea that does not cost several paychecks, but is received just as happily as the gift of a natural diamond. In their marvelous appearances and fascinating history, all diamonds have allure and mystery tied to them.

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