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What Are The Types of Black Diamond?

Types of black diamonds? There are diamonds in more than 300 colors: yellow, green, orange blue, red, brown, pink, white, and of course black color which can be found in nature.


Diamonds are discovered with the largest number of hues in a gemstone. Compared to natural colorless gems, all-natural colored diamonds are incredibly rare. Moreover, that makes it much more expensive when it comes to their price compared to gemstones.

Difference Between Natural Black Diamonds and Colorless Diamonds

Black Diamonds vs (White) Colorless Diamonds: both play an important role in the jewelry industry as both diamonds are making a trend in today's era. Like all fancy colored diamonds, natural black diamonds will have the same structure and chemical characteristics as white or any other diamond. Diamonds are composed of Crystalline Carbon and one of the toughest natural substances known to humanity - Graphite.

That means that a diamond can not be scratched or cut except with a harder diamond. The impurities and inclusions in the black diamond's structure, however, make it more prone to fracture when cutting than its white counterparts do, although once cut, black diamonds have the tendency to get tougher.

The color of the natural black diamond is majorly derived from innumerable microscopic particles of hematite, carbon graphite, and magnetite trapped in the gemstone structure's crystal lattice during its formation.

These three are not referred to as not impurities, but inclusions, because they are an integral part of the network structure. They form a strong concentration of Carboniferous clouds, which absorb light, offering an intense sparkle and black metallic look to the gemstone.


What is a Natural black diamond?

There are natural black diamonds that are not treated. A natural black diamond has a color that is the result of many inclusions. Most of these inclusions are graphite. Due to the high amount of these dark inclusions, natural black diamonds are mainly opaque. Also, because of these high inclusions, the diamonds very easily break and are difficult to cut, making them difficult to polish and finish.

There are some large, natural black diamonds that are comparatively famous. These are the Great Star of Africa at 202.00 Carats and the Black Orlov, at 67.50 Carats. Even I've got one weighing 5.55 Carats diamond several years back, that sold at a whopping $20000.

What is a Treated Black Diamond?

Treated Black Diamonds are colorless diamonds with lots of inclusions that are been treated with heat or radiation treatment to make them look opaque. These Diamonds are found in nature only but to make them look black in color they are been treated to get the color.

Many treated examples start as grey, heavily included, or fractured diamonds and get their color via the procedure of high-temperature/low-pressure treatments. This method graphitizes the fractures, causing them to black.

What is an Irradiated Black Diamond?

All diamonds have been revealed to natural radiation over the millennial before man unearthed them, so all colored diamonds have been "irradiated." Irradiated diamonds are real diamonds that display a drastic color change such as blue, pink, green, etc., after being revealed to strong radiation treatment.

Irradiated diamonds are not lab-created; they are natural and real diamonds. Though they are colored diamonds they have a refractive index because they are natural diamonds.

What is a Heated Black diamond?

The major type of black diamond, Gemone Diamonds deals with are the Heated black diamonds. These are primarily the white diamonds, gray diamonds, and brown and gray diamonds which have lots of inclusions inside. All though, all diamonds can not be made jet black.

Only the professional diamond manufacturer knows what to select and what to not. These diamonds are then put in an HPHT chamber along with black carbon and processed at High Pressure -High Temperature to make them absolute jet black.

In this process, we just need to make sure they only use the finest chamber equipment and the best raw material of color. After about 24 hours the diamonds are taken out and acid cleaned. The result is jet black color diamonds.

Heated black diamond retains their jet black color lifetime. And they come with a 100% color guarantee.

What is an enhanced diamond?

An enhanced black diamond is a natural diamond that is treated to get a uniform color. It typically has much better quality than a Natural Black Diamond due to its inclusions. Enhanced Black Diamonds look stunning when set along contrasting White Diamonds.

Buying a Black Diamond is buying a genuine diamond. The classy appearance of the black diamond has led to its increasing popularity. It is an elegant gem with a rich look!

People do accept that all Black Diamonds are natural. But the fact is that almost 99% of diamonds traded in the world are not natural.

If you have any inquiries about the black diamond, any size, Carat, color, or treatment, let us know. We are a leading Black Diamond producer and we can offer you Black Diamonds from size 0.01 ct to almost any bigger size.

Black Diamonds: Natural or Treated?

If I give you the option to purchase a black diamond from the below shown in the picture. Which one you will buy? The First one... or the Second one......? I am sure you will buy the second one, as nobody will like the stone which has its flaws loud-speaking on your hand.

I haven't talked about black diamond prices till now but let me add again one more factor. It's the price!

The first one shown in the picture is around 1 carat and costs between $1200-$1500, and the second one with the same specification costs only between $300-$400. Now I am sure, you don't have any options left to make the decision. Obviously, you will buy the Second one. The First one is 100% Natural Black diamonds and the Second one is Color-Enhanced or Heated Black Diamonds. Check here for the Natural Carbonado Black Diamond price per carat

Black Diamonds: Earth mined or Color Enhanced - types of black diamond depending on origin and process

I would not like to spend even $500 for the first one, even though it's an Earth-mined natural diamond. The look doesn't appeal at all. who would like to empty their pockets with loads of money to buy a diamond that has visible flaws in it? But with the second diamond (heated black diamond), it's just different. I would open my pockets and it does not hurt my pockets at all and it's a sound investment.

Different Types of Black Diamonds: Basically there are 5 kinds of Black diamonds. although the primary category only divides them into 2

1. Natural black diamonds (not enhanced) and

2. Treated Black Diamond

3. Irradiated Black diamonds

4. Heated Black Diamond

5. Enhanced Black diamonds

Price of Natural Black Diamond and Treated Black Diamond 

Diamonds are one of the most stunning, rare, and special substances found under the layers of the Earth as well as grown inside a laboratory. Natural Black Diamonds are rare and worth between $1200-$1500 weighing 1.00 while the price of the treated diamond is nearly $300 to $400. (The price mentioned is the average price of the Black Diamond.) Natural black diamonds will be more expensive than treated black diamonds.

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