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Ruby Gemstone: The Birthstone of July

Each Month has its Special and unique Birthstones among which the Ruby is the Birthstone of the July month. Ruby is also known as the king of all stones. It's one of the most coveted Gemstones. Generally, every individual's heart has been set on the Ruby Gemstone because of its intrinsic Beauty. Wearing your Birthstone is a symbol of pride and elegance. Want to learn more about Birthstone then read this guide on What is Birthstone and month wise Birthstones.

What Is a Ruby?

Ruby is gem-quality red corundum, Ruby is well-known for its bright red color, as it's being the most notable and fabled red gemstone. The color of this stone changes from traces of chromium. It's a strong gemstone.

Ruby Meaning & Symbolize

The Ruby is derived from the Latin word ruber, indicating “red", the color of love, devotion, and affection.  From earlier times, the Rubies have meant wealth, passion, and prosperity. This Gemstone is predicted to bring luck and safety to your life.


Earlier cultures worshiped Ruby Birthstone for their likeness to the redness of the blood that flowed in veins and believed that Rubies are full of power. Ruby is one of the most historically effective colored gems.

Ruby Birthstone is also worn by the most renowned celebrities at their events, such as Emily Blunt, Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson, etc.

What Color is Ruby?


The purest and finest ruby has a pure red to slightly purplish red color. The Rub having a pure red color always charges higher and other shades of ruby have been charged less than it. Here it gets this color due to the existence of chromium in it.

How is a Ruby Formed?

Just like other gemstones, rubies are formed with the heat and pressure formed below the earth. When condensed, oxygen and aluminum atoms revolve into corundum. This mineral, along with the fact of chromium, creates rubies and their specific hue. In the presence of ferric iron, the ruby will be in the shade of orange or pink. Rubies are rare than diamonds as they take 20-30 million years.

History of Ruby

Ruby is one of the most historically important colored stones, as it's mentioned four times in the bible too. Earlier in the first century AD, the Roman scholar Pliny contained rubies in his Natural History, describing their hardness and thickness. According to some Hindus, they believed that by offering fine rubies to the god they would be blessed with rebirth as majesties.

The mong Hsu region started producing rubies after the classical Burmese mines were finished. Though these lacked the rich red hue of standard Burmese rubies, they were ministered with heat to enhance saturation and translucency. Heat-treated rubies are a standard practice nowadays.

Although ruby has a rich and long history, it was not identified as a sort of corundum until 1800.

One of the renowned crown jewels of England was believed one of the largest cut rubies until committed to being spinel while the crown had black ruby placed within it. Previously red spinel, garnet, and tourmaline were also to be believed ruby.

Where Ruby is found?



The Rubies are found in Burma (Myanmar). In India, The city of Karur itself is nicely-

known for the Rubies. Ruby is also seen in Subramaniam also known as Red Hills, near Madikeri in Karnataka. Hence, they are found in Metamorphic Rocks.

The best places to find Rubies are Blood Kelp Zone, Bone Fields Caves, Bulb Zone, Dunes, etc.

Here, Rubies are natural and require no treatment rather than to be cut and polished.

Rubies happen inherently all over the world.

Ruby Healing Properties

Normally, ruby is associated with energy and attention, ideation, loyalty, honor, and compassion. It is believed that ruby is protective of home, possessions, and family. This stone is also helpful to remove blocked energies as well as it is said to have the heart chakra and bring spiritual wisdom while protecting against psychic attacks.

Price of Ruby

Most of the rubies having weighed around 1 carat have at least $1000 per carat. The amount goes up easily when the ruby is heat-treated and will rise steeply for rubies that show fine color, no matter even it's heated. Here like any other gemstone, the price of a ruby can change depending on the quality and carat weight. The unit of measurement on which most of the gemstones are weighed is 1 carat = 0.2 grams.

Is Ruby Gemstone Suitable for the Engagement Ring?

Rubies are the most durable and create the clearest image in the mind. They are not as hard as Diamonds but are harder than other precious Gemstones. Because of their beauty and charm, Rubies make a great choice for Engagement Rings and Wedding rings.


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Ruby Care & Cleaning

Warm soapy water is always safe for cleaning the ruby gemstone. Also, Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are usually safe for untreated, heat-treated, and lattice diffusion-treated stones. Fracture-filled, cavity-filled, or stained material should only be washed with a wet cloth. Untreated Ruby and actual heat-treated ruby are very long-lasting.

Some Facts about the Ruby Gemstone

  • Ruby is graded much like any other stone on the base of color, clarity, carat weight, and cut.

  • Thailand is one of the leading hubs for mining Ruby and its production, with other leading countries like Sri Lanka and India.

  • Large Rubies with intense color and clarity are rare to find and the price also increases on the bases of their clarity and size.

  • The Rich Red Color Rubies are considered to be the "Pigeon Blood Red" as they are extremely rare to find.

  • There is also one misconception that the Rubies are red in color! 95% of Rubies are pinkish or purplish in color.


July Month Alternate Birthstone

Red Onyx-


Red Onyx, whose name emanates from the Greek word for “claw” or “nail”, is a mixture of chalcedony. Chalcedony is a mix of quartz and morganite. Onyx is usually hexagonal in its microcrystalline form. Its brightness is quite waxy with a hardness level of 7. In addition to being waxy, it shows opaque transparency. Many people think that the onyx is there to cause motivation and to continually push you forward in your life.

Four c's of ruby


The value of a ruby is determined by the four c factors, as these factors consistent pillars of cut, clarity, carat, and color. They hold the highest regard while measuring factors, just like diamonds, all four criteria are well-defined and equally weighted in the evaluation of most natural gemstones. However, in the case of ruby, the ratio is a little different, since, color is the most crucial factor here. This four-factor eventually gets the actual value of ruby in the market.


Cut impacts the formation of the gemstone. It refers to the structure of the facets in an organized way. Each gemstone is cut in the required shape according to market needs. A perfectly cut gemstone is able to reflect the rays of light and allows it to sparkle the gemstone in a proper way.


Color is a very important factor to look after in colored gemstones. It determines the actual price value of a gemstone. It is also categorized under three main factors:

Shade:- refers to the primary color of the gemstone.

Tone:- refers to the lightness or darkness of the color.

Saturation:- refers to the purity of the hue or color


Gemstones normally have inclusions that form during the polishing of the gemstone. Inclusions/particles present within the stone or lie on the surface of the gemstone. Colored gemstones are formed through the geological process. Some stones have more inclusions and some have fewer inclusions. Gemstones like ruby and red tourmaline have visual inclusions on a microscopic level.


The unit of measurement used to measure the weight of a gemstone is term as the carat weight of that particular gemstone. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams while gemstones are calculated in the size of a carat. Carat weight affects the size of the gemstone as well as the pricing factor. Prices may go up and down relying on the size and weight of the particular gemstone.

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