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Uncut Diamond Jewelry - A New Trend In The Jewelry Industry

Uncut Diamond Jewelry is one of the ongoing trends nowadays in the Diamond Jewelry Industry. People are fond of buying something natural and unique. Are you still wondering what uncut diamond jewelry is? What do you need to look for in it? If so, you will get to know everything on this blog.

Rough Diamonds are revered for their pure, untouched state and natural beauty

What are Uncut Diamonds?

Uncut Diamonds are also called Rough Diamonds or Raw Diamonds, these stones have not been shaped into any specific formation or size by a professional cutter and neither have they gone through the polishing method. hence, they are uncut-unshaped stones placed in the jewelry to create a unique look, they are typically unpolished stones. Uncut Raw Diamonds are the most natural form of Diamonds.

3 Factors that will make you fall in love with uncut diamond

- The uncut diamond jewelry gives you a special and unique look just like the beauty of Uncut Diamonds.

- These stones provide a remarkable look when they are paired with different gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

- The value of an uncut diamond is a little less than polished diamonds as they don't go through the process of cutting and polishing.

Congo Cube Uncut Diamond Jewelry Designs

Congo cube's rough diamonds are a kind of uncut diamonds that are used by many jewelers for their rough diamond jewelry. They have got their birth at the Democratic Republic of Congo and hence they are popularly known as Congo cubes. Congo rough diamonds come mainly in Cube shapes.


Uses Of Congo Cubes Uncut Diamonds

It’s a mixture of uncut diamond shaping to choose from and the perfect shape is square rough diamonds. Rough diamond jewelers use these cube diamonds to make a wide variety such as rings, bands, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. Congo Uncut Diamonds have their unique charm as they are natural marvels with almost no cutting and polishing.

Congo Cube Diamond Banner


Why Jewelers Choose Uncut Diamonds The Most

Many jewelry designers are creating attractive rough diamond jewelry designs together with cube diamonds. We've got a vast variety of Congo cube rough diamonds between the sizes of 1 mm and 5.50 mm. They are available in a broad variety of colors like yellow, white, gray, green, orange, black, and pink.


Why do most jewelers use them? This is because they are one of a kind while the uncut diamond ring cost is cheap. Mostly rough diamond jewelers use cube diamonds that are brimming and not their gem grade. This means we can not get quality sparkling translucent diamonds if we cut and polish them. So this is the reason why they are much cheaper and present a wide availability.

Semi Grade Uncut Diamonds


Another kind of rough diamond used in jewelry is the bright colored diamonds of semi-gem grade. Mostly, rough diamond jewelers create unique designs based on the different shapes of the raw diamonds. Jewelers mostly tie gold/silver wire around the loose diamond to give it a solid grip and unique shape. It's unique and one of its kind, so it's in demand.


Worth of Uncut Diamond?

Uncut diamonds having fewer inclusions and with higher clarity grade eventually increases the worth of their own. As the flawless uncut diamond is worth more than a cut and polished diamond with the same clarity grade. Here, for an uncut diamond, the price is mainly determined by its carat, color, and clarity.

In the past few years, many jewelers have listed uncut diamond jewelry as part of their favorite category of diamonds. Nowadays even people consider them worth wearing because of their beauty. This is only a starting point. We are going to see this trend move upwards shortly because raw is going to last forever and no element on Earth can replace it. Diamonds remind us again that the DIAMOND IS FOREVER.

a diamond is forever

The brilliant sparkle uncovers when a cut is known as diamonds. Also important in defining the value of the precious gemstones are color, clarity, and carat.

But if in the last couple of years you've looked at a diamond's settings, you may notice something unexpected today appearing in jewelry - uncut jewelry diamonds.

Diamonds are not polishing or cut; they are best used in a diamond's natural state, which looks quite different from what we usually see.

Since ancient times, kings and queens have prized rough and uncut diamonds for their beauty, not just value. With this not-so-new earthy look, they are appreciated by today's jewelry designers for their basic, raw looks and the setting of new trends.