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Do we know what the true purpose of wearing a diamond engagement ring is? Also, what does it symbolize? If you don't know what the symbol of this jewelry means, then you can learn more about the diamond engagement ring that you will wear one day. Here, you will read and learn what is the meaning of the engagement ring. And, why should you have to wear it?

A Diamond Engagement Ring - Best Choice for a Marriage Proposal

Lets us find the important meaning and hidden secrets in a brief. From small to high points and from the regular ring to the diamond engagement rings for women. Shopping this Friday jewelry sale online at GEMONE DIAMOND & Get 30-50% off.

Types of Engagement Rings

Like any other kind of jewelry, it does come in many different types, shapes, and styles. Many affordable diamond engagement rings come in gold;


which is the finest metal preferred for an engagement ring. Regular rings come made with titanium, silver, and white gold, which are cheap alternatives of expensive metals used to make engagement rings.

There is always room for changes in any ring, as it shows his/her own personal styles into the ring in a simple manner. The solitaire ring has one single diamond. The most common setting for an engagement ring is a solitaire prong setting.

Prong setting or prong mount

Everything in a ring carries its useful benefits. So, a prong setting is a ball-like structure that is visible around the diamond engagement ring. This appears at the ring's surface, at the edge of the diamond and holds the diamonds to the ring. Hence, known as a "prong". The purpose of this prong setting is to secure a gemstone to a piece of jewelry.

The prong setting is one of the components that is known as the head of jewelry, a claw-shaped type of bending (typically 3, 4 or 6 individual prongs per head). It is joined together or soldered with the metal parts used to mount (or set) the gemstones in the jewelry.

A common setting for a diamond engagement ring, the prong setting allows light to strike into a gemstone from a different angle and increases its brilliance. Prong setting engagement rings are also sometimes known as the "Tiffany setting ring", although it's a trademarked term, specifically use in describing the prong setting ring. One of the well-known prong settings, the "Six-prong Tiffany setting"  is sold as a tread mark since 1886.

Nowadays, the modern favorite cut for an engagement ring is the brilliant-cut, which provides the optimal sparkle of the gemstone, while traditional rings may have a different prong setting and band.

For Men

In most countries, it is most common for both men and women to wear an engagement ring. The ring is often in the form of a plain band of precious metal. And occasionally, the engagement ring also serves as a wedding ring (or a cheap wedding ring), later on. For instance, In Brazil, the groom, and bride usually wear a plain wedding ring while still engaged in their right hands, and after the wedding, the same ring is moved onto the left hand.


Similarly, in Argentina, the groom and bride wear a plain silver ring on the left hand during the engagement. Then after the wedding, the silver ring is either replaced by a wedding ring or moved to the right hand. Traditionally, women in the British Isles may propose to men in a leap year.

Further, knowing about the present scenario, women proposing have become extremely common, which has led us to the point that even some jewelry companies have started manufacturing a men's engagement rings.

These resemble a typical men’s engagement rings, often with a diamond centerpiece. As both sexes have been traditionally wearing an engagement ring, there is no real difference between men's and women's engagement ring designs.

knowing the fact about the "engagement rings" and coming back to the Gemone diamonds where we are here to serve the world with different categories of the Diamond engagement ring and we welcome you here with our most and pleasant honor. The listed varieties below are those available in Gemone Diamonds.


An antique ring refers in particular to one over 50 years old. This is usually obtained from estates or jewelry collectors that have been sold and are often antique or vintage in nature.


Some people say it is an object for an age value because of its historical importance. Meanwhile, for more than 100 years in the antiquity trade, and the term signifies as a symbol. Doubtless, about 50-100 years later, it could be very confusing now.

50 years later some dealer claims to try to lower the antique standard. While you believe that time over 50 years will be considered as ancient because of its unique style and classic appearance.


The vintage ring is a conventional word with no definite meaning, although some use the term vintage ring to mean the new ring style which looks like an ancient ring. A vintage engagement ring is very much appreciated and often transmit to the next generation.



A promise ring is usually given as a promise to get in engage one day. Before the engagement, give a ring. This means the commitment to which both couples remain engaged. A promise ring thus shows that in your relationship, trust is both deep and present, you have moved to a different level.

The promise ring is also known as a pre-engagement ring or an engagement ring. On the other hand, you don't have to talk constantly about marriage. This ring is instead a reminder of your love, respect, and care. Gemone Diamonds manufactures promise rings with natural diamonds and gemstones, and cheap wedding rings without them.


A solitaire is a ring that contains only one single diamond in a piece of jewelry. A diamond solitaire can be a ring with solitary diamonds that focus on a single diamond center. Genome diamonds also come in a variety of diamond engagement ring settings from classic to vintage-inspired and beautifully paired with any diamonds or gemstone wedding bands.


The ring around the gemstone is either a facet with a gemstone in a ring pave or in micro pave. A larger size of a center black diamond surrounds with a small stone. This adds extra attraction to a ring's overall design.

Such a type of engagement ring allows customers to have a unique engagement ring close to their heart. This often highlights a central stone between 0.30 Carat and 1.50 Carat in the Halo engagement ring. The small stones around the main stones are mostly 1 to 3 mm in a calibrate of colorless diamonds.


The black diamond engagement ring is just another type of a ring that we make; it is the highest quality. As a leading producer of black diamonds, we engage in a wide variety of natural black diamonds, which suit various diamond engagement ring settings.

Nowadays, the uses of black diamonds are in creating traditional engagement rings while offering brides a piece of fine gems that also reflect their unique style. In engagement rings, black diamonds usually highlight the beauty and clarity of traditional white diamonds. A natural black diamond is the center of all black diamond rings. The black diamond ring may come in every shape. Also, diamonds range from 1 carat to nearly 10 carats.


The three-stone engagement ring is a ring design that represents the past, the present, and the future. Furthermore, made with elegance and detail, this ring has a central stone, flanked by two stones on both sides.

As the name suggests, the three-stone engagement ring has three stones. Three-ring stones often consist of colorless diamonds. Today, however, such rings have a colored diamond-like black, yellow and other colors.

If you have your own new and creative ideas for any new engagement ring design, we welcome you. Gemone Diamonds holds the stands for everyone. Please follow the link if you have decided to have a diamond engagement ring, as we have different types of a diamond engagement rings available.

Browse Gemone Diamonds' collections of unique engagement rings for design inspiration.

All rings are available with major sizes and metal types. We are proud to make the brilliant piece of an engagement ring for you which will cost you 30% less than with your local jewelers.

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What Do We think about the regular ring? And are there symbols in its accessories?

Without a doubt, it is just a very simple word with four letters - "Ring". Most people co-relate these letters in their minds with something, which represents love in every sense. It is a symbol of love and attraction with someone. Basically, a ring is a small piece of a circular band. The ring from Precious meta is the most sought after and most expensive rings.

Of course, wearing a ring has its meaning. A circle has no beginning and no end; Therefore, it is a symbol of Infinity. It's endless, eternal and represents the way of love and the symbol of engagement.

What is an engagement ring and what does an engaging ring symbolize?

Traditionally, it says that when a man gives an engagement ring to a woman and she accepts it, then both of them agree to marry. It is the symbol of love, dedication, and commitment to each other. The circle has a deep meaning and is a deep symbol. It has no beginning and no end, which represents love at its infinity, which goes beyond the limits of life. So, engagement rings are a powerful symbol between the two people who share them.

What does an engagement ring look like?

The most common engagement ring type has a big centered diamond or other gemstones around it (it may have other stuff around it too).

Which finger do we wear our an engagement ring on?

In many nations, people believe that an engagement ring is to be worn on a finger of the left hand, because, it is considered that the ring finger of the left-hand is worn on a vein that goes closest to the heart (the Vein of Love).

Should engagement rings for women have diamonds?

In fact, 90.99 percent of today's proposals involve a diamond engagement ring. Most of the engagement rings have at least one or more diamonds.

The purpose of wearing precious jewelry or a piece of a precious stone is to remember a lifelong promise, which also creates a charming emotion.

What does a diamond engagement ring symbolize? Why do men propose to women with engagement rings?

Indeed, The diamond engagement ring is a symbol of confidence and trust.
This also means protection and peace while being in a relationship. And hence, it tells one truth to the world - it's a notable sing in your eyes.

Mostly, Western people wear engagement rings. This clearly represents a formal agreement to future marriage. Nowadays, affordable diamond engagement rings are made with a single diamond on top or with an engagement ring gemstone.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

There are various factors including stone type, stone cut & color grade, stone setting, metal type that can influence an engagement ring cost. You must check out our blog on Engagement Ring Cost by Style, Color, Clarity & Cut. This post will give you an estimate of your dream engagement ring.