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Get a fresh style that enhances your look and makes it more special for your most important day. A Black Diamond engagement ring is unique and something different choice to be made for your memorable day. Black Diamond has made remarkable popularity in recent years. Their stunning and powerful look has made the black diamond the center of attraction for engagement rings.

Those who want to make their proposal unique and remarkable can go with the undefined beauty of Black Diamond for Engagement Ring. Despite selecting the traditional ring always get the unique and exceptional selection for your bride-to-be and show their individuality y taking a break from the traditional rings...

What are Black Diamonds?

Let's take a short brief on what are Black Diamonds, Black Diamonds are generally known as carbonados. They are one of the toughest forms of diamonds made up of Carbon. It is an impure, high-density, micro-porous state of polycrystalline diamond consisting of diamond, graphite, and formless carbon, with little crystalline precipitates filling pores and periodically reduced metal inclusions.

Black Diamonds are found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Black diamonds are natural in form and they are enhanced and treated with heat treatments to get their color.

Origin of Black Diamond


Africa is origin of black diamond

Black diamonds were first found in 1840 by Brazilians. They are also known as carbonados. Black diamonds are seen almost solely in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Black diamonds are created 2.6 to 3.8 billion years ago and are extremely rare. Black Diamond is found in the alluvial deposit that has been formed by the river or any other running water source, normally found in the Kimberlite deposit.

The symbolism of the Black Diamond

The world's biggest known black diamond, the Korloff Noir diamond, is considered to give a stroke of individual good luck and happiness when touched; here black diamond’s carry more spiritual meaning. They symbolize inner strength and justice.  One wearing a Black Diamond Engagement Ring justifies the statement of being as powerful as her powers trump the other Diamonds' capabilities.

Does 4c's factor affect Black Diamond?


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As we grade the white diamond on the 4c factors (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat), the Black diamond cannot be graded on those bases because of their unique appearances. Cut and carat weight are known for black diamonds but the Clarity and color grade is not considered because of their intrinsic inclusions, it's not viable to grade black diamonds on the white diamond color spectrum or the white diamond clarity scale. Black diamond comes with different sorts of reports including the diamond color while black diamonds are graded only one color grade "Fancy black".

What is Black Diamond Engagement Ring?


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Black diamonds are carrying similar value to white diamonds as they are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It's not because of their lower price value, but their intrinsic value, magnifying beauty, and amazing brilliance are the reason behind their popularity. Black Diamonds Engagement Ring is for the one who wants to have edgier look for their wedding or engagement day.

Due to their dark color, black diamonds have a very different, unique look that sets them aside from alternative gemstones. Black Diamond signifies the strong emotional connection between a bond, while it symbolizes justice and inner strength which makes them to represent boldness to stand out from the crowd. They are perfect for engagement rings as they also represent adoration, charisma, fidelity, and eternal love.

Popular settings for Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black Diamonds are so unique that make your engagement ring adorable as well as pairing your engagement ring with innovative settings will sure make a different stand put for the bride-to-be.

They are a striking choice to be made as they are perfect for those who want to create their own style, choosing the perfect Black Diamond Shape that will match your style and personality. There are several many options from which you can select your favorite style as Halo setting, Three Stone Setting, Solitaire with Accents setting, or you can also go with Simple Single stone setting also.

Black diamonds are an immaculate complement to white or yellow gold. In fact, they make a wonderful choice for wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry that are meant to be worn in public. Their hardness makes them durable enough to stand up to daily wear.

You can pair your Black diamond with a colorless diamond too, as they add extra glam to your Black Diamond Engagement ring. Our Black Diamond White Gold Engagement is one of the most popular rings that will surely enhance your look with its undefined beauty; also you can visit our Black Diamond Engagement Rings display to get your one.

When you are about to propose to someone, the black diamond engagement ring is perfect to get. You can place your black diamond the way you want and make your perfect engagement ring with Gemone Diamond, as it is the place where you can get your favorite product at the best price as we are the manufacturer of Natural Black Diamond as well as its jewelry. We provide the Product at the most affordable price as we wholesalers and deliver you the happiness you want. Thus, it’s essential to choose a diamond shape that matches the style and personality of the wearer.

Price of Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Treated as well as enhanced black diamond prices are extremely reasonable, as Black diamonds are rare than white diamonds then too the price of black diamonds is much more reasonable then white diamonds. The price of a Black Diamond is one-fourth of a white diamond. Many people buy black diamonds because they find them interesting and exotic. Black diamonds are usually more affordable than their white counterparts.

The 1-carat price of a natural black diamond would cost $300 and varies according to the carat size. The price of a Black Diamond Engagement ring generally ranges from $678.00 which is much more affordable than white diamonds.

The intensity of Black Diamond

In comparison with colorless diamonds, black diamonds are found only in one color that's Fancy Black Color. Additional diamonds such as fancy white and fancy red have a single intensity grade, but most other colors can be seen with up to nine, from faint to deep.

Actually, though fancy black diamonds do not receive standard color and clarity grades, it’s essential to verify that the color is completely saturated. It’s also vital to study that there aren’t any noticeable imperfections when looking at the stone with the naked eye. All of these elements play a major role in determining the quality and desirability of a black diamond.

In selecting a black diamond, you’ll also like to consider the shape, which is mostly based on personal preference. Black diamond come in a range of shapes that each offer a unique appearance.

Reasons to Choose Black Diamond Engagement Ring



Black diamond jewelry is very much more inexpensive than traditional diamonds.  Many people look for a budget before buying diamonds or jewelry. The clarity factor affects less while you buy the black diamond.

Black diamonds are far more affordable. You can surely invest in larger black diamonds for the same price you’d spent on much smaller colorless diamond varieties.

It makes a black diamond engagement ring the flawless choice. Most, apparently when you’re buying for a lady with a rare and flashy taste.


Selecting a perfect engagement ring is not an easy job, step back and thinks for a while about your choice and preferences. Choosing the perfect shape and perfect setting that will match your style and personality is one of the important things you should look after.  At Gemone Diamond, we can help you with your requirements and choices, as we have customization options available. It is uniquely her style and it reflects your love. Black diamond rings are unusual, mysterious, and bear a deep passionate and spiritual meaning, perfect for confessing romantic love and other strong bonds in your life.