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A Guide to Halo Ring

What is a Halo Ring?

There are different kinds of styles and setting available while buying a ring, halo ring is something that shows the beauty of a small paved diamond encircled around the center stone making the center stone look bigger. Halo's one of the most timeless and classic choices one can go with as its mesmerizing style makes people fond of its magnificence. The center stone can be of any shape, such as a Pear-cut diamond encircled by round diamonds.

The Symbolism of the Halo Ring


The Halo ring amplifies the sparkle of the center stone while providing a decorative look. As Halo offers a unique style that compliments your look, thus, a halo is definitely the best thing to select as they make your diamond look bigger, Cover More Surface of the Finger, due to their unique setting they have intense sparkle, and also halo setting protects your stone.

Why choose a Halo ring?

Halo Ring offers amazing sparkle and brilliance through its amazing setting. The halo setting presents different benefits, such as a bigger appearance, amplified sparkle, compatibility with any diamond shape, security for the central gemstone, and a classic, timeless choice. halo setting makes the center stone look bigger than that of actual size.



What to Look for in a Halo Ring

The halo diamonds in a diamond ring are just as significant as the center stone since they increase the primary stone's brilliance and sparkle. Along with the halo's size, you should think about the diamonds' size, cut, clarity, and color.

Pros and Cons of Halo Ring

Pros of Halo ring

  1. The Center diamond looks bigger
  2. They have good resale value.
  3. Halo rings are a timeless classic.
  4. Halo settings come in various shapes and forms, making it a truly versatile setting.
  5. The accent diamonds can shield the center diamond from blemishes and scratches.

Cons of Halo Ring

  1. It can be challenging to wear a wedding band evenly with your halo engagement ring due to the low-sitting halo.
  2. Halo settings, such as solitaire rings, are frequently more difficult to clean than other settings.
  3. Sometimes, if they are struck, smaller halo stones can detach and fall off.

How to Enhance a Halo Ring

To enhance your halo ring one can add extra accent diamonds to form a larger halo that surrounds the center diamond if you wish to enhance your halo engagement ring with a larger center stone. In order to increase the brilliance of your ring, you may also add diamonds to the band.

Cleaning & Caring for a Halo Ring


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Any dust, dirt, or cosmetics that have gathered on your ring can be cleaned off using warm water and dishwashing soap solution or toothpaste. Your ring can be dried with a soft cotton cloth or by letting it air dry. While it's acceptable to clean your halo engagement ring by yourself once a week, it's advised to take it to a jeweler once or twice a year for complete cleaning and to have any issues with your ring looked at.

You can look out for this short of ours for Cleaning your Ring at Home

How much does a Halo Ring Cost?

Depending on the number of stones, the style, and the special metal, halo rings can vary in price from $500 to $15,000 for the setting alone. The price of your ring will be determined after you select the center diamond.

Different Styles and Settings of Halo Ring



A diamond halo ring's setting is an important consideration because it has an impact on the piece's overall beauty and durability. Prong, bezel, and pave settings are the most typical types of settings used for diamond halo rings. You should pick the setting that most closely matches your preferences and needs because each of these has a distinctive appearance and amount of protection for the center diamond.

Different styles of Halo rings are Double Halo, Single Halo, Halo with side accents, and Hidden Halo Rings which are all available in the collection of Gemone Diamonds' Halo Engagement Rings.

Double Halo

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As the name suggests, a double halo setting has two concentric circles of gems surrounding the center stone. This ring is showing the beauty of Black diamonds as well as White diamonds. A perfect piece of jewelry to get a unique look.

Single Halo

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The halo engagement ring is a seductive choice and is renowned for its gentle form and vintage appearance. If you enjoy both princess-cut and circular halo rings, the cushion cut is the ideal midway choice.

Halo with Side Accents


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Round halo engagement rings have been popular for a long time and will probably continue to be so as side accents add extra glam to your look. Any fiancé will look stunning in this timeless, elegant design.

Hidden Halo Ring


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A classy method to display your diamonds is to wear a hidden halo band. Due to the accent diamonds being obscured when viewed from the front, the halo is concealed. They only radiate their full brilliance at an angle.

Single Halo Ring vs Double Halo


Comparing the two settings in various categories is necessary to decide between single and double halo rings. Choose a double halo where all the diamonds are the same color and cut if you want the illusion of a much larger diamond. They'll meld and show off strong brightness from a distance. Due to a larger CTW, it will often cost more than a single halo, but it provides savings over a patient of the same weight.

Where to Buy Halo Ring?

Your ring will be as distinctive as you are thanks to the possibility to select your own setting and metal color. At Gemone Diamond, you can get your own Halo ring, we make sure that your future Halo ring will shine brighter than any other because it is surrounded by several brilliant accent diamonds. We have many years of experience in the field of loose Diamonds and their jewelry. You can also customize your dream Halo Engagement Ring now from Gemone Diamonds. Just Get in touch with us, and let us know the details and design you want.


The halo ring is a versatile ring that will shine on every finger, as we now know. A halo engagement ring will look fashionably current while yet conjuring up a sense of vintage flair, regardless of the setting you select. Hereby Halo settings are used in the other types of jewelry too!