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Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Ring

What are Men's Rings?


For the past many years, Men's Ring symbolizes prosperity, liberty, commitment, and wedding status. If a man is married you will get to know it by seeing the ring he has worn his wedding ring on his left hand and a style ring on their right-hand ring finger. There are many beliefs that are rooted in ancient history and culture about wearing a ring.

What are Women's Rings? 


There are different kinds of rings that women use to wear on different fingers. Each Kind of ring has its own meaning which is related to its ancient culture and history. Here, Women's Engagement Rings are a kind of jewelry showing a public symbol of love, devotion, commitment, and a promise of marriage as well as to stay together forever.

The difference Between Men's and Women’s Rings 

Generally, men have larger fingers in comparison to women. This is because men tend to have big sizes hereby most women wear a ring of sizes ranging from 7-8.5 while men wear sizes between 9-10.5. Women's rings are normally smaller in size having aesthetic meaning and contemporary designs. Here are some of the tips that will get you to know the difference between Men's and Women's Rings.

  1. The Size of the Ring: The main point through which one recognizes the difference is, the size of the ring. Usually, men have larger fingers than women, so the ring size or the circumference of rings is also bigger in size. The rings for men come in 8 to 14 or 9 to 11 sizes, while in difference for women, they come in 3 to 12 or 6-8 sizes.
  2. Metal: The metal of the ring also says a lot about the differences, the rings are crafted in many different types of metals like White gold, Platinum, Yellow Gold, and silver. All these materials are used for creating a ring for both genders. But, rose gold is only the metal that is not frequently used for making men's collections.
  3. The Design: The variety of designs causes difficulty to differentiate between men's and women's rings. However, there are a few designs made especially for men. For example, if a ring has engraving, it is most likely from a men's ring collection. Furthermore, the engraving can signify whether the ring is for men or women. Check to see if the font used in the engraving is plain and lacks style. If you answered yes, it's a men's ring. If your answer is no, and you notice a stylish font, it is absolutely a women's ring.
  4. The Stone: Precious and semi-precious stones are also the ones that signify the difference between both genders' rings. These precious stones are what make the ring look more beautiful. If the ring features a different type of crafting, displays funky colors, and also has pretty gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, then that ring belongs to women. On the other hand, if the stone is having simple and elegant design showing a calmer pattern with colorless stones then the ring belongs to men.
  5. The weight of the ring:  The weight of the men's is normally more than that of the women's ring, here the average weight of a women's ring is 2 grams while a men's ring weighs 4 grams. Hereby, sometimes you can find the rings of the same collection heavy or light in weight.
  6. Ask the seller: If none of the earlier mentioned elements have helped you determine whether the ring belongs to a women's or a men's group, your only choice is to ask the seller. This will not only help you understand the difference between men's and women's rings, but it will also save you time and prevent you from making a mistake.

Where to Buy 

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Men's Ring

Men's Ring
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Women's Ring

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