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Most Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings of All Time

Diamond Engagement Rings are just so precious jewelry that goes on forever. An engagement ring is a symbol of love that shows the beauty of an unbeatable bond. These rings are crafted with special metals and precious stones. Celebrities provide a statement to their relationship with the breathtaking beauties of diamonds with even more dazzling prices. They adore their loved ones with massive, invaluable stones reflecting adorable styles and designs.

Here, we are showing you the top most expensive engagement rings that will mesmerize you with their undefined magnificence and luster.

10. Serena William's - $3 million


Serena Williams' extravagant nuptials to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in 2016 will always be remembered. Naturally, her engagement ring had to match the lavishness of the wedding. How lush? $ 3,000,000!

9. Vanessa Bryant - $4 million

9. Vanessa Bryant

The enhanced version of the original engagement ring Kobe presented to Vanessa is recognized as this ring, even though it isn't technically the couple. Although the majority of people have claimed it to be an apology ring, the pair wasn't involved in that at the time.

8. Jennifer Lopez's - $4.5 million


A rare blue diamond ring, the most expensive of J.Lo's five diamonds engagement ring was given to her when she got engaged to singer Marc Anthony. Harry Winston formed this magnificent ring, which stands out for its distinctive design and even more distinctive precious stone.

There are no reports on whether or not the blue diamond ring was among the jewelry that J.Lo purported to be selling off during her marriage to Anthony.

7. Beyoncé - $5 million


With a spectacular emerald cut diamond set on a split shank platinum band, Jay-Z proposed to Queen Bey. The ring now has a worth of almost $9 million after rising in value since their engagement in 2008.

The stone is regarded as a premium and outstanding stone because it is immaculate. It makes sense that Beyoncé prefers to wear less elaborate jewelry while she is out and that the ring is typically kept secured in a safe.

6. Anna Kournikova - $5.4 million


Anna was pictured wearing an attractive Enrique Iglesias diamond ring in 2009. It was never really made clear by the pair whether this was a second engagement ring or a wedding band. We have to continue speculating because the pair keeps their personal lives private.

The ring is currently estimated to be worth close to $7.5 million, making it one of the priciest engagement jewels in the entire world.

5. Elizabeth Taylor's - $8.8 million


When Elizabeth Taylor passed away in 2011, the 33-carat Krupp diamond in her famous engagement ring from Richard Burton has renamed the Elizabeth Taylor diamond.

The Koh-i-Noor and Cullinan are two well-known examples of the rare type IIa diamonds, of which the stone is supposed to be one. One of the most memorable engagement rings ever is without a doubt this one.


4. BVLGARI - $9.5 million


This show-stopper was previously thought to be the most costly engagement ring in the entire world. Bulgari created the ring, which the House of Graff eventually bought.

The high cost of blue diamonds is justified by their extraordinary rarity (and status as some of the most costly gemstones in the world). Brilliant-cut white diamonds encircle the focal point of this one-of-a-kind item, and baguette-cut diamonds run the length of the ring.

3. Mariah Carey's - $10 million


Mariah Carey and Australian millionaire James Packer's engagement was a brief romance. However, the platinum set ring has a classic style.

Later, it was rumored that Carey sold this sparkling ornament for $2.1 million. Evaluating the engagement ring's original $10 million price, she sold it for a great deal.

2. Jackie Kennedy Onassis - $20 million


Aristotle Onassis, a Greek business magnate, gave Jacqueline Kennedy his engagement ring, which was sold at auction in 1996 for $2.6 million. The second engagement ring Jackie O wore.

The diamond was one of only 18 that were extracted from the original 601-carat Lesotho III diamond. Up to $20 million will buy you this amazing ring right now.

1. Grace Kelly's - $38.8 million


In the beginning, Prince Rainier gave Grace a ring made of diamonds and rubies that were taken from Monaco's sovereign treasures. The Prince then gave the go-ahead for Cartier to create the 10.48-carat emerald-cut diamond ring for Grace to wear.

Two baguette-cut side diamonds wonderfully display the center diamond. The ring was bought in 1956 for $4 million, but its current estimated value is $38.8 million. The ring is currently included in the House of Grimaldi's collection.