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Vintage Ring Guide

What is a Vintage Ring?

The vintage word represents a thing that is almost 20 years old while antique refers to a thing that is almost 100 years old but when it comes to rings or any type of jewelry it defines its style rather than showing its age. So here, if you are in search of a Vintage ring then it means that you are looking for a modern vintage look ring that defines your personal style and elegance.

Nowadays couples want to have a vintage look with a spark of modernity in their engagement ring.

The Symbolism of Vintage Ring

One thing that should be evident when looking for the appropriate ring to represent your love, is the band's inherent beauty. Vintage rings have been popular for many generations, proving that their beauty is timeless and unaffected by fashion or a particular time period. For a reason, vintage rings were worn for many years.

Why choose a Vintage Ring?

Vintage jewelry is perfect for displaying each wearer's individuality because it frequently has more character and personality than contemporary ones. The handcrafted quality of each item makes this jewelry ideal for showcasing one's particular style. Herby, each vintage ring has its own style making it look more precious with its unique appearance and detail designing. Its intrinsic design is what makes tend to choose the vintage ring.

What to Look for in a Vintage Ring

The Vintage ring always tends to show the beauty of past eras, in short, vintage designs have highly-elaborated designs defining the pure beauty of the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco Periods. Look at jewelry from different eras and see if there's a particular style that resounds - Victorian, Art Deco, etc. Alternatively, you might decide what you want as a center stone an emerald, ruby, garnet, or sapphire gemstone. A gemstone placed around the diamond will definitely enhance the look of the ring.


How to Wear a Vintage Ring

As there are some rituals to wearing a wedding ring and engagement ring, but you can wear the vintage ring on any of the fingers as there are no such rules to wear a vintage ring. Wearing a single ring on either of your finger will surely make a stand on its own. Hence, have a ring that reflects the best outlines of yourself!

Pros and Cons of Vintage Ring

The pros of buying a vintage ring are there intrinsic value and detailed beauty. Its Craftsmanship is a reason to get a vintage ring as each piece has a unique aesthetic and quality. Vintage Ring often offers older, more complex designs, surely ones you won’t see in a jewelry store catalog.

The only thing that you won't like about vintage rings is their durability. Hereby a vintage band may be less durable than a comparable modern ring, depending on its age, the type of metal it is made of, and the settings it has. Some vintage/antique rings feature delicate filigree motifs that can't endure the wear and tear of daily life.

How to Enhance a Vintage Ring

Enhancement of the vintage ring can be done by keeping the natural and old look as possible as keeping the original design will make your vintage ring look perfect. You can change the center stone to a different gemstone or by keeping different diamonds such as salt and pepper diamond or black diamond. Enhancing your ring by changing the cut of the stone will also make your ring look beautiful in its own way. In this way, you can enhance your vintage ring and pass it on to the next generation.

Cleaning & Caring for a Vintage Ring


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First, carefully clean the ring under a stream of warm water. After that, carefully scrub or remove any filth with a soft toothbrush. If it still needs to be cleaned, apply some mild dish soap with a towel, let it stay for a while, then scrub it with the brush once more before rinsing.

How much does a Vintage Ring Cost?

The cost of vintage can range from $800 to $20,000, hereby it also depends on the style, stone shape, clarity, and color you select. Due to their intrinsic designs and detailing work they can cost you sometime higher than that of other rings.

Different Styles of Vintage Rings



There isn't much that determines style for vintage engagement rings but age. In a technical sense, even quite contemporary rings from the 1990s might be referred to as "vintage." But instead, we'll talk about four periods that contemporary vintage fashion frequently imitates. See what grabs your attention.

Victorian Era

Engagement rings in the Victorian era come in a wide range of styles and compositions. In reality, there are early, middle, and late-era forms of Victorian jewelry. Victorian rings, however, were typically made of yellow or rose gold and frequently featured diamonds. During this time, diamond rows, halos, and clusters all gained popularity. Therefore, a yellow gold double-halo ring can in some respects serve as an illustration of a vintage engagement ring with Victorian influences.

Art Deco Era

Edwardian fashions were frilly and delicate, whereas Art Deco was concerned about aggressive geometric and repetitive patterns. Art Deco rings repeatedly featured metalwork with reprised, harsh angles and tiny beads known as milgrain in place of curving, flowing filigree. In recent years, this fashion has had a popularity renaissance.

Retro Era

Few engagement rings had a center diamond before World War II. However, engagement rings nearly exclusively contained diamonds following the hugely effective De Beers diamond marketing campaign, which started in the 1940s.

Vintage Ring vs Antique Rings 

The term "vintage" is frequently misused to imply that an item's appearance or quality is significantly influenced by the time period in which it was manufactured, its technical meaning differs from product to product. Similarly, the term "antique" is frequently used to refer to a collector item that is valuable due to its age and quality, but there are rules in place that specify what makes a particular item an antique. Therefore, there isn't much of a distinction between a vintage ring and an antique ring; the terms are simply used to describe items that are valuable because they are older.

Where to Buy Vintage Rings?

We provide distinctive Vintage Engagement Rings at Gemone Diamond that are genuinely one-of-a-kind. Our knowledgeable staff, which includes qualified gemologists, has examined each engagement ring we sell, and the majority of vintage and antique engagement rings come with a certificate of authenticity. You can look through our opulent selection of antique engagement rings online right now.



When you select an era that fits your love for your partner, it will add to your love narrative. It will also expand its tale as you accumulate new memories and experiences with it, giving you and your partner a richer relationship with the ring you have chosen.


What gives a ring a vintage look?

Simply put, vintage rings are those that have endured through the years as a result of their exquisite design, expert craftsmanship, and unique individuality.

Why are antique rings preferable?

Vintage engagement rings are better options for ecologically conscious couples in addition to having conflict-free gemstones.

Are antique rings more expensive?

In most cases, purchasing an engagement ring that is vintage or antique delivers greater value than purchasing a brand-new ring.