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White Gold Vs Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold

Selecting a color of gold completely depends on personal taste and preferences. Ultimately the decision relies on you. White Gold, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold are very popular colors people like to go with when it comes to creating one kind of jewelry. Not only in color but they are also different in nature and composition.


Color Is the Most Obvious and Primary Difference.

The economic value of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold is equal since they all contain the exact amount of pure gold. Most of the time, color preference is influenced by fashion and individual preference, and taste. It is beneficial to be attentive sometimes to match the hue of the gold to that of the center stone.

What is Yellow Gold?


Yellow gold is something precious that reflects its fantastic beauty by occurring naturally. Here, Dating back to 4000BC, it is the purest form of gold that is been used in the making of jewelry for many years. During the Georgian era and Victorian eras, yellow gold became popular and jewelers used to create jewelry by mixing other metals with gold to make it stronger, more affordable, and more durable too. In today's time therefore optional metal weights "10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k" are introduced for creating jewelry that costs you less and provides you durability.

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What is White Gold?


White Gold is not a naturally occurring metal, it is formed by adding gold and some white metals like zinc, palladium, silver, and nickel. The combination of this alloy results in the formation of white gold with more durability and hardness. By layering of rhodium at the end, the silvery-white color is seen.

White Gold was invented in the 19th century but at that time it was not much popular, while it is used as the best alternative to platinum as its easy and less expensive in comparison to it. After, using it as alternative white gold has become popular for engagement rings and wedding rings. Check out our wide range of White Gold Engagement Rings now to find a perfect ring for your perfect day.


What is Rose Gold?


Rose Gold is a metal created by combining copper and pure gold. This mixture forms rose gold making it look like the most beautiful metal. Here the more copper you used the deeper tone of rose gold will get. Rose Gold dates back to the 19th century when Russian Carl Faberge first used rose gold in Faberge eggs. In 1920, rose gold gained much popularity in the US during the art deco period.

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Difference Between Yellow Gold Vs White Gold Vs Rose Gold

  1. Skin tone- yellow gold and rose gold will go with warm and neutral skin while white gold will match with cool and neutral.
  2. Style - Yellow gold always gets you a classic and timeless look, white gold provides you with a Chic look while rose gold provides a fashionable and romantic look.
  3. Durability - Yellow Gold Needs to be polished regularly for shine and luster, white gold needs yearly coating while rose gold is perfect to wear on daily basis.
  4. Advantages - yellow gold is the most common color of gold and makes you feel traditional, while white gold is much more affordable than platinum, and rose gold is the strongest gold.

Is It Mandatory to Pick One Color Only?


When purchasing jewelry, you are not constrained to a particular color. Instead, you can mix two or three distinct shades of gold. These jewelry pieces are also known as multicolored, two-tone, or three-tone gold. Also, you can create a mesmerizing piece of jewelry by using a single tone of color, and a simple and easy-going look to enhance the sparkle.

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Do Selecting Different Gold Colors Affect the Price Value?

As long as the jewelry is hallmarked at the same carat weight, the actual gold range of white and yellow gold jewelry is identically valued. The percentage of gold in 18K white gold and 18K yellow gold, for instance, will be the same.

What Is the Best Metal Color for An Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

Selecting the metal always depends on personal taste and preferences, as all the gold metal gives you the best and most eye-catchy look with its unique features. Yellow gold metal is highly durable and lasting which is consistently ideal for engagement rings, while White Gold always works best with the diamond, making ring the look full of luster, and Rose Gold is something wonderful way to add creativity to your engagement ring and make it stand out.

Here, White gold is a traditional and famous choice for an engagement ring. That's because its timeless, definitive, and easy-to-style look is best. It's a color that easily complements the sparkle and shine of any diamond you choose.

Other Types of Gold

There are several different types of gold that are mixed with different alloy metals to enhance the most appropriate and unique look. Starting from green gold, purple gold, blue gold, to black gold.

  1. Green Gold Metal - Green gold metal is made of gold and silver alloy.
  2. Blue gold metal - Gold alloyed with iron is known as blue gold metal.
  3. Purple Gold Metal - Gold alloyed with aluminum is called purple gold metal.
  4. Black Gold Metal - Black gold metal is gold that has been electroplated with either black rhodium or black ruthenium.

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