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Just like the engagement ring, the wedding ring is equally important for the couple. If your marriage is a couple of weeks away then you might be searching for a comprehensive guide about picking the right ring. Marriage is the happiest moment of life and the bride, as well as groom, want everything perfect.

The ring is an important part of the ceremony so, you might think about the ring in the initial wedding shopping. Following are the tips that will help you to pick a perfect ring for him or her.


Setting a budget will help you to search for a ring in a better manner. It will be best to keep 3% to 5% of the total budget for purchasing the ring. Choosing a budget before searching for a ring will give you lots of choices.

For example, if your budget is low then white gold will be the better choice compared to platinum. White gold rings are affordable compared to platinum while both are almost the same in appearance.


What type of ring will you buy? Choose the ring metal, color, shape, and size as well. You can start with a metal and then look for the different style options such as channel set, half-round, comfort band, etc. Finally, look for the sizes and make a purchase.

Start Searching Early

You have set a budget and have chosen the ring. Now, you can start searching for a wedding ring for her/him. Start searching 1 – 2 months before marriage will help you to pick the right piece. During this period you can easily know all the details about good quality rings that longer last and finally, your choice will be perfect.

Measure the Quality

A wedding ring is an investment, a sign of love, and one of those gifts that long last so, you have to make sure that good quality material is used for the ring. It will be best to buy a ring from a trusted jeweler which is certified. You can find the rings online with a free return and money-back guarantee. Do not forget to check the manufacturer's trademark and quality mark inside the band.


Ring conveys the message silently so, it should match with the personality of the bride and groom. While choosing a ring for your partner, make sure it will suit him/her and it matches with personality of your partner. A wedding ring is a sign of love and a worthy gift for both so, there is no hesitation to consult with each other to know the choices. By the way, if you want to choose a ring yourself then the following are the different style rings that will help you to make the right decision.

Channel Set

Channel set or eternity band is the most popular ring that has diamonds in the groove of the ring. This ring can have diamonds in the full or half groove of the ring.

Half Round

This is a classical and traditional wedding ring. The half-round wedding band is simple in design has a round shape from the top and comfort fit or flat from the inner.


Comfort-fit is easier to put n and take off in the finger. Unlike the half-round wedding band, you will not feel all the width of comfort fit band around your finger. These bands are round in outer and inner shape and comfortable but a tight fit on the finger.

Pipe wedding Band

As the same shows, you will get the same shape if you cut a piece into a ring size piece. It is most common as a man wedding band. Its outer part is flat having edges and also known as a flat-cut wedding band.

Pave wedding band

Just like the channel set ring, pave wedding band also has lots of diamonds. It looks expensive but the size of diamonds is smaller enough to make it affordable for you.



After choosing the right wedding band style, now it's time to choose the right metal  which is within your budget.

Yellow Gold

It is a traditional and classical choice for wedding rings. A yellow gold ring having more than 75% purity will make the ring soft so, it can lose shape earlier. 14 – 18 karat will be best for your wedding ring.

White Gold

White gold is the right choice if platinum is out of budget. The white gold band looks just like the platinum bands but it is cheaper but has the same look.

Rose Gold

It was a popular choice for wedding bands in Victorian times and gaining popularity again. It is made using an alloy of copper so compared to other golds, it is more durable and can last a lifetime.


Silver is not a good choice for a wedding ring because it is soft and gets scratches soon. Silver requires maintenance and regular polish as it oxides with time. An alloy called Sterling silver is used to make the wedding bands.


The platinum band is highly durable and does not get scratches that's why it is even expensive than gold. It is naturally white and does not fade or tarnish. The platinum wedding band is the right choice if you do not have a tight budget.


What should be the Size?

Do not forget to know the ring finger size of your partner before purchasing a ring. If your partner has small hands and slim fingers then you have to choose a small size ring that can fit comfortably. You can pick a larger size ring if your partner has big hands and fat fingers.

Engraving can make the Ring Attractive

Engraving can make the ring even more special. This is a unique practical idea to do. Many manufacturers offer engraving inside the ring with a little extra cost.