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Conflict Free Diamonds

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Iced-out watch - Feel the real touch around you by getting this wonderful beauty of diamond watches available Now on Gemone Diamond,

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Why customize a watch?

Custom-set watches provide our customers the chance to build a piece that is totally tailored to their own style and taste, presenting designs that the manufacturer may not currently be selling.

Will customization damage my watch?

None of the internal components, movements, or mechanisms are ever touched when we custom-set a watch. Before the watch leaves our workshop, our skilled watchmakers thoroughly test and inspect it.

Are our items Genuine?

Unless otherwise stated (for instance, aftermarket diamonds put to a watch bezel or dial will be acknowledged in a product listing), Gemone Diamonds ensures that all of our items are 100 percent real. We stand by this promise, and if an item is discovered to be partially fake, we'll give you a full refund.

How long does watch customization take?

The customization process takes 15-20 working days, hereby it also depends on your requirement and urgency.

How to Customize My Watch?

You can fill out the form provided above and get your favorite watch-iced out. Also, you get the experience of talking with professional experts as they will also guide you with your requirements.

Which diamonds are used while crafting a watch?

According to your requirement, any type of diamond can be placed namely, Natural Diamond, Lab Diamond, Moissanite, Black Diamond, and melee. All Kinds of Diamonds are available with us.

Are the diamonds in the watch certified?

Small Diamonds does not have certification...