What Is Black Diamonds

Black Diamond is generally the result of many inclusions that results in black color. These inclusions primarily consist of graphite. The majority of these dark inclusions make natural black diamonds look opaque; their dark look makes them appear more attractive. Hence, Black diamonds symbolize justice and inner strength while they also represent courage to stand out from the crowd.

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Why Black Diamonds?

• Black Diamonds are the most unique choice for an engagement ring.
• They are very affordable in price.
• Their dark appearance makes them more attractive in nature.
• They are durable diamonds just natural diamonds.

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How to Test Black Diamonds?


Why Choose Black Diamond From Gemone Diamond?

  • It's a rare and unique beauty.
  • We are a leading manufacturer of Black Diamond.
  • A number of shapes to choose from.
  • Superior Price & Superior Quality.

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Are Black Diamonds Real?

Yes, natural black diamonds do exist but are extremely rare, yet the majority of black diamonds on the market today are either superheated or irradiated to nearly black color. 

How much does a 1ct black diamond cost?

The price of 1ct Natural Black Diamond will cost you around $100-$400, as we are the leading manufacturer, our prices are lower than other retailers. 

Are Black Diamonds Durable?

Yes. Black diamonds are tough and do not easily scratch. Unlike onyx or black sapphire, they retain their inherent luster and are extremely durable.

Why is black diamond special?

Black diamonds are the perfect choice for anyone who wants their jewelry to stand out from the crowd since they provide an unmatched blend of beauty, quality, and value. Black diamonds are distinctive in that they require less upkeep and cleaning than conventional white or colorless diamonds.

Is Black Diamond Suitable as an Engagement Ring?

Black diamonds are becoming more and more popular as the focal point of engagement rings. It is not surprising that interest in these appealing stones has increased given the endorsement of well-known celebrities who favor black diamonds in their jewelry, including Gwenyth Paltrow, Kat Von D, and Carmen Elektra.

How many types of Black diamonds are?

There are three types of Black

How are black diamonds graded?

Yes, Black diamonds are graded, and the grading is done as AAA, AA, A, B, C, and D... Black diamonds with a flawless clarity grade and a Natural AAAA rating represent the highest quality gem but are often too rare and too expensive.