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Why Salt & Pepper Diamond?

• Their Imperfect Beauty has gained a lot of popularity
• Their natural inclusions make them look more beautiful!
• They are affordable in price
• Versatile designs available
• Ethical Sourced

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Why Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring?

• Their distinct beauty is perfect for an engagement ring
• They provide a unique look while they are durable as well.
• Get a unique engagement ring as they are available in a number of shapes.
• Salt and pepper diamonds are ethically sourced.

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Salt and pepper diamonds create a specific aesthetic that has become popular over the last several years. Click here and get to know more about Salt and pepper diamond.

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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

A "Salt and Pepper Diamond" refers to a stone that has both black and white inclusions, giving it a grey, speckled appearance.

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Do salt and pepper hold value?

Yes, as the significance of salt and pepper diamonds goes beyond their sentimental worth. They will have a high market value because they are diamonds, which are long-lasting and distinctive in beauty.

Are salt and pepper diamonds real?

Yes, it is a real diamond. These diamonds are typically lower in quality than traditional white diamonds, but they are still genuine.

Do salt and pepper diamonds sparkle?

Salt and pepper stones really indeed glitter. These diamonds have a distinctive brilliance due to the imperfections that scatter light!

Are salt and pepper diamonds durable?

Yes, they are durable. These diamonds are equally as strong as regular diamonds and are composed of the same substance. But if not handled properly, they could be more inclined to harm because they have more inclusions.

Are salt and pepper diamonds worth it?

Salt and pepper diamonds often come at a more affordable price point compared to Natural diamonds.

Are there any flaws in salt and pepper diamonds?

Yes. The salt and pepper diamond's inclusions are what give it its hue. Diamonds with significant black and white inclusions give a distinctive appearance.