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Know The Various Type of Diamond Beads

What Is Diamond Beads?

Let me explain, beads diamonds are one type of diamond but a little bit different diamond form, a usually round object of glass, wood, stone, or the like with a hole through it, often strung with others of its kind in necklaces, bracelet, earrings, rosaries, etc. This faceted diamond bead hardness is 10. The diamond faceted beads are termed as natural beads and natural polished diamond beads.

diamond beads bracelet diamond beads bracelet

Bead diamond comes with earth-mind (natural) and treated when the mind is grey in color and needs treatment to bring out its Black Color. They are treated with High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT). This treatment does not alter the nature of the diamonds and neither does it diminish its value. They are not irradiated and neither any artificial coloring matter or chemicals added to the same.

What do beads symbolize?

The large size and colored diamond beads symbolize wealth, standard and social status. Blue beads are thought to enhance fertility. Red beads are reserved for ceremonies like tribal festivals, funerals, circumcisions of young boys and harvest dances. Black implies age and wisdom.

Which color is available in a bead?

color faceted beads                                                    color faceted beads

There are many colors available in diamonds beads. But the black diamonds are the most popular diamond color. So, there are offer so many colors in beads like black, blue, yellow, grey, brown, white, and multi-color.

Type of Diamonds beads

1. Round bead cut diamond:-

Round bead cut diamond                                                     Round bead cut diamond

The round bead cut diamond is such an amazing and famous bead cut. This bead cut is mostly used in standard jewelry. Round cut beads are not quite round but little elongated round or roundel.  Well, round cuts are less faceted on beads than other diamond beads.

2. Ball bead cut diamond:-

Ball bead cut diamond                                  Ball bead cut diamond

Diamond ball cut bead looks like a football with totally round in a cut. And they have so many facets with a flat surface on the drill side. Ball bead cut is available in 3.50 mm up sizes.

3. Briolette bead cut:-

Definition of Briolette cut:- The briolette cut is characterized by the teardrop and pear shape it takes on after it has been formed. People also tell them pineapple cut as it looks a bit like pineapple.

It is one of the oldest cuts in the world, dating back to at least 800 years ago and is usually used to cut white diamonds.

Briolette bead cut                                      Briolette bead cut

With the briolette shape, the stone or gem available into a wide variety of shapes and sizes from slender and long teardrops to chunky and small teardrops. Jewelers have found innovative ways to modernize the briolette cut without taking away the old-fashioned classy look that it lends the gem. It leaves a smooth surface and makes the gem shine.

Briolette cut diamonds also are being newly cut, especially in larger sizes like 1 to 2 Carat, primarily in India. Even larger Briolette, up to 50 Carat, is being cut in New York City.

Using a Briolette:-

Briolette cut Bead diamond jewelry                          Briolette cut Bead diamond jewelry

Briolette is used as gems and for making unique jewelry and they are used for necklaces. bracelet, watches, drop earrings, pendant, and they are also included in tiaras. Almost all of the stones you will find have already been pre-drilled so all you need is a post and some strong adhesive. If you want to make earrings, simply buy some earrings findings that will work with a Briolette and glue them into the stone.

4. Drum bead cut:-

drum bead cut                                 drum bead cut

The drum shape beads are solid beads available in different sizes. These drum shape beads look so magnificent in their shape and appearance that these add beauty to any product. Due to multiple facets on its surface, these crystal beads reflect a large amount of light and add shine to the product.

5. Pipe cut bead diamond:- 

Pipe cut bead diamond                                 Pipe cut bead diamond

The pipe cut bead diamonds are all hand cut and are having excellent sparkle and luster with the pipe in a cut. They have so many facets with catch the light brilliantly and are full of fire.

Diamond beads size:-

Let’s discuss the diamond bead size!!! Diamond beads are available in so many sizes for any diamond beads jewelry.

Diamond Beads

Well, if you look out for diamond beads strands then I will say what size generally suits you and your personality. For women’s bead diamond necklace and bracelet comes with a size of 1.50 mm to 4.00 mm. It totally looks different when she wearing this kind of diamond jewelry. 

Why you should buy diamond beads rather than diamond jewelry:-

[caption id="attachment_22487" align="aligncenter" width="568"]diamond beads jewelry                                                     diamond beads jewelry[/caption]

In jewelry is considered the price of diamond and gold so the price goes up and in diamond beads jewelry price to law. That’s why I recommend you to buy diamond beads jewelry.

The Never-Ending Charm For Diamond Bead

Well, not all jewelry looks good with regular diamonds but some are classic with diamond beads!  Yeah, Diamond beads jewelry gives you a phenomenal look when you wear it. And the best thing about the diamond bead jewelry is its ever-growing demand. and you can wear it for any occasion irrespective of theme and style. The diamond beads necklace or bracelet do not show any other metal like ordinary diamond jewelry studded in gold or silver. The diamond beads jewelry is wholly made of diamonds and that's why it glitters more and it stands for as a unique style statement.

charm beads

Diamond beads are having its beauty and sparkle that dazzle in any jewelry article. Faceted diamond beads add sparkle and class to any jewelry styles. Beads are most sought-after out after regular diamond shapes for creating custom-built diamond jewelry, diamond bracelet, diamond earrings and additional style of jewelry. Natural diamond faceted beads are sparklingly sensible and are damn natural.

Beaded jewelry is the answer if you are going for a more sophisticated or cultural look! Many of them have small charms put between the beads to bring good luck or protection. If you are feeling bold, there is also a large variety of colorful beads for you to choose from. This diamond beads jewelry style can show off your vivacious attitude!

Know how the Importance of diamond beads in women’s life.

Jewelry is the most important part of human beings. Jewelry has the ability to highlight women’s personality. And bring out the best features when wearing the right pieces for the right occasion. You can wear diamond beads jewelry in your routine day as well.

These beautiful earrings are from the Ivanka Trump Collection. They are Black Diamond Bead Tassel Earrings in White Gold with a total of 8.40 Carat in black diamonds. Exquisite workmanship and quality jewelry.

diamond beads

Ivanka has worn her white gold black diamond tassel necklace on the set of celebs apprentice. Beads jewelry not only for women's it's also men's jewelry. Many celebs are wearing diamond bead jewelry for them classy look.

Most of the men are like to wear a diamond bead bracelet. And diamond bead bracelets are forever in demand. Diamond bead jewelry fashion will never go away. Men's beaded bracelets are extraordinarily in style these days for a decent reason.

Not solely beaded bracelets are fine-looking and stylish, however, they're additionally easy to wear and simple to drag off. If you're trying to find the foremost in style beaded bracelets for men, you've returned to the proper place. The endless enchantment for diamond beads starts at Gemone diamonds only.

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