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We are going to talk about Natural Loose Diamonds: Star-Melee-Eleven Explained. Here you will find the complete details about what star melee eleven diamonds are.


Melee diamonds make up a major proportion of the diamonds on the market today. These diamonds, defined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as small diamonds with a weight of less than  ⅕ ct, are popularly paved around the center stone or on the band of a ring or bracelet.

They provide that extra sparkle that makes your ring stand out. The stones are precisely cut using top-notch cutting technology to provide gorgeous-looking multifaceted stones - from a full cut or a single cut. From their small sizes and practical use as accents for the main diamond, they are often sold in batches of 100. Check here melee diamonds for sale

Natural loose diamonds with small sizes are one of the most widely sold loose diamonds of this kind in the world. Natural loose diamonds are small size loose diamonds from color D to G with clarity IF and I3 quality.

Diamond melee size chart


Star diamonds are small diamonds with a carat weight of about 0.009 to 0.021. They are even smaller than melee diamonds and are also used to accentuate other gemstones.

If you total the number of carats, this is the highest selling loose diamond category across all diamond types. This is because diamonds are studded mostly as accented stones in micro jewelry and even in watches. The size range starts mostly from 0.005 Carat onward, although fast running sizes are between 0.01 and 0.03 Carat.

Gemologists believe that the Diamond is the heart of a lost ‘star ’.  Therefore, Diamonds in the Star / Melee range, as they are called, are mostly used as accent stones in Diamond jewelry. They are also used as luxury accessories for pronounced glamour and value addition.

The simple demarcation of natural small loose diamonds goes like this, size-wise:

  • Star Diamonds: 0.009 carat to 0.021 carat/piece
  • Pointer: 0.009 to 0.021 ct
  • Size: 1.25mm to 1.80mm.
  • Clarity: If, VVS, VS, SI, I, I3
  • Color: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M
  • Make: Excellent, Very good, Good.
  • PCS/Carat: 50 - 110

Natural Loose Diamonds are mainly used as accented stones in fine jewelry. Jewelers make engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, nose pins, earrings, and pendants with them. Micro-diamonds (diamonds less than 0.005 ct in size) are mostly used in Watches and chronographs.

The price for natural loose diamonds depends on many things, mainly size, clarity, and color. The higher the size is, with color near D, and clarity near IF, the higher the price is.


What is big, rare, and sparkling is expensive, and what is widespread is low-cost. Now again, what sells where? Again. different countries have different requirements; In Japan, they buy only the best, in Europe, they only buy similar sizes and top quality, in the USA, almost all the sizes with quality sales. In Hong Kong, there are various size diamond rules. Therefore, anything that is cheaper is accepted. For South East, Solitaire diamonds are selling well.


In the Surat and Mumbai diamond industry, Surat is definitely the first choice if you are buying mixed sizes diamonds and small quantities but cheaper. However, if you are looking for some quality and similar size small loose diamonds, Mumbai is the place to buy from. Most of the manufacturers there produce in Surat and Saurashtra. However, as Mumbai has quality infrastructure and regular flights, it’s the place where people like to trade. Being a part of the Indian financial hub, it deserves this attention.

Probably you have questions about what to buy, how to buy, and where to buy loose diamonds in different shapes and sizes, Carat weight, and color. Just let us know your query and we will be there to guide you as geologists, friends, and a leading diamond manufacturer.

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