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Hip Hop Jewelry – Add a Touch of Bling to Your Wardrobe

Hip Hop Jewelry - Add a Touch of Bling to Your Wardrobe. Looking to emulate your favorite hip-hop stars with similar jewelry to theirs? Check out this guide to what Hip Hop Jewelry is and what is available at Gemone Diamonds.

hiphop jewelry

What is Hip Hop Jewelry/Iced Out Jewelry?

Hip Hop Jewelry symbolizes status, as its flashy and extravagant appearance makes represents Wealth and prosperity. Hence, it's worn to indicate a successful journey. With big and bold striking designs this kind of jewelry has taken the world, as it's also known as iced-out jewelry or bling-bling jewelry.

As well as Hip Hop Jewelry, represents their position and status and the fact that they started from the lower classes and through hard work has become a success. For rappers and hip-hop producers and singers, it is much the same as buying a sports car because you can. That doesn’t mean that you have to be as rich as Jay-Z or Lil’ Wayne to afford Hip Hop Jewelry/Iced Out Jewelry.

Hip Hop music, and culture and flashy jewelry have always been bedfellows. Although, hip-hop and rap music, in the beginning, was always about the struggles that artists went through, living in the rougher and more impoverished parts of American cities, in their bid to become successful. The idea is, therefore, when a rapper wears flashy statement jewelry pieces like gold chains and diamond-encrusted items, you know that he is worth a lot of money.

Hip Hop Jewelry are going in upward trend nowadays. thus, these jewelries have been loved by the celebrities too. Here by, they showed up with the different  kind of jewelries at the Met Gala.

For instance, Gemone Diamonds has a full range of Hip Hop Jewelry, divided into four different categories – Hip Hop Diamond Bracelets, Hip Hop Diamond Necklaces, Hip Hop Diamond Pendants, and Hip-Hop Diamond Rings.

hip hop jewelry

Although most of these pieces do have four-figure price tags, compared to the five-, six- or seven-figure costs of jewelry that famous stars have, they are a lot more affordable Hip Hop Jewelry in compare to theirs.

What to Choose

Obviously, with there being a lot to choose from on the Gemone Diamonds website, you may find it hard to know where to start. Jewelry is a personal thing and makes a statement about the kind of person you want to be perceived as.

Hip Hop Jewelry Bracelets


For instance, for the flashier of you reading this, you can choose something like the 8.9 Carat Black Diamond Hip Hop Bracelet In 14k White Gold.

This is by no means a small piece, compared to others, but will suit anyone who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

While, the more conservative of you reading this, may prefer something like the 5.72 Carat Diamond Cuban Link Hip Hop Bracelet For Men’s (best suited for men) or 8.00 Carat White Diamonds Hip Hop Bracelet In 14k White Gold which is especially designed for Women's.

Hip Hop Jewelry Pendants


If you’ve ever spent any time looking at videos on YouTube or when MTV used to show music videos, you will know that hip hop stars and pendants of all shapes and sizes go together like mac and cheese, Jay-Z and Bey. Whether it’s Eric B’s classic golden medallion, as featured on the Paid in Full record or Kanye West’s flamboyant Egyptian Horus gold pendant, rappers do seem to love their pendants.

At Gemone Diamonds, in the hip hop pendants department, there may not be anything quite as OTT, but there are cool items like 1.81 Carats Money Bag Hip Hop Diamond Pendant In 14k Yellow Gold or 4.42 Carat Men Hip Hop Pendants Made In 14k Yellow Gold etc.

Hip Hop Jewelry Necklaces

For anyone looking to emulate some of the greatest in the game, there’s no better way to have a chain or necklace.

At Gemone Diamonds, you will find classics like the 30.00 Carat Miami Cuban Link Chain For Men In Three Tone Gold or 14 mm Hip Hop Cuban Link Chain 14k White Gold 24.00 Carat For Men.

Also you can now create your own customize Hip Hop Necklace from Gemone Diamonds

Hip Hop Jewelry Rings

Finally, we have hip hop rings. One of the best ways to add a touch of bling to your wardrobe and at Gemone Diamonds there is a wide selection available. From 1.00 Carat Hip Hop Diamond Ring Craft In 14k White Gold For Men’s to the incredibly 7.00 Carat Hip Hop Jesus Face Ring In 14k Yellow Gold.

Contact us to make your own design ring as we at gemone diamonds take our customers at priority and fulfill their customization request.