Uncut Blue Diamond Beads

Looking for Uncut blue diamond beads? Then I must say that you are in the right place. Gemone Diamond offer you with the best quality of Uncut blue diamond beads at the best price. People also know Uncut blue diamond beads as raw blue diamond beads or rough diamond beads. You can see the beads in 2 to 7mm size range in this category. Are you looking for size more than 7mm? Not to worry we can make that for you but only on made to order basis. To make the uncut diamonds beads, diamonds are first assorted on calibrated size from the rough diamonds, and then they are drilled using the laser for the size 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm as per requirements. You can make beautiful jewelry pieces with these uncut diamond beads in blue color. These blue diamonds beads are absolutely natural and they are not enhanced in any way. We offer uncut diamond beads in blue color at the best prices ever to you. So if you have any requirement anytime you are free to ask us.

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