White Diamond Faceted Beads

Gemone diamond is the world leader in the supply of natural white diamond faceted beads. White diamonds beads are available from 2mm to 4mm size mostly. For a bigger size, it is possible to make it in a customization order. The white faceted diamonds beads are drill from 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm size so that the string or wire can go in it. The white faceted diamonds are facet with brilliantly by our artisan that gives a sparkling for the lifetime. This diamond faceted beads, well define out pieces for making the custom jewelry.  So, the white diamond beads are optionally in use for making a diamond beads chain or necklace. Similarly, diamond bracelet, diamond charms, diamond earrings, and other customized jewelry. White diamond beads are 100% natural and genuine without any enhancements.

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