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Black Diamond Vs White Diamond, What is a Black Diamond? Is it Real or Fake? How to Know the Difference?



While black diamonds are chemically identical to white diamonds, the black diamonds’ structure is significantly different.

This difference causes most black diamonds to absorb more light, which makes them look opaque. Black diamonds are more porous compared to white diamonds.

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Black Diamond Vs White Diamond Structure 

The black diamond is formed of carbon and graphite as they are meant to be meteorites. they have no fire and brilliance like the white diamonds. Here they are full of luster and inclusions. The light is been absorbed by the Black diamond whereas the white diamond reflects the light and shows amazing brilliance depending on the cut and clarity of the diamond.

4C's: Black Diamond Vs White Diamond

Black diamonds are also Natural Diamonds extracted from mines, with the same chemical form included in the traditional colorless diamonds. The main dissimilarity between colorless diamonds and black diamonds is the number of inclusions, which are responsible for giving black diamonds their color. A black diamond clarity grade is AA and AAA as they can be guided on this clarity grade.

The color of the Natural Black Diamonds may range from near-colorless to brown or “olive” green while the most apparent quality of a colorless diamond is not necessarily a lack of color but a bright, icy white color. These diamonds are based on the D, E, up to Z basis color grading.

Black Diamond Vs White Diamond Clarity

Black diamonds aren't just regular diamonds, unlike what some people believe. Whereas black diamond colors are not due to only "inclusions," the diamond clarity appertains to the number. The visibility, and size of external and internal defects. While 1-carat black diamond clarity may be graded as very low. So, the reality is that the typical white diamond clarity grades aren't really useful in black diamond gradation.

Black Diamond Vs White Diamond Cut

It can be very challenging to cut black diamonds since they are so breakable, which means high-quality cuts can be expensive. Although black diamonds don't reminisce light the way other diamonds do, a good cut can add some sparkle.

The Black Diamond is cut in two grades Good Cut and Very Good Cut.  Well, White Diamond is Grade from excellent to poor cut, we recommend only considering Ideal cut diamonds for the best quality. In other words, a diamond’s Cut is the quality that most especially impacts its beauty.

Black Diamond Vs White Diamond Per Carat

Black diamonds are cheaper than white diamonds. This is partly because many of the black diamonds are in fact created in a laboratory nowadays. Natural black diamonds, however, are very rare.

The actual value of the black diamond depends on whether it's treated or natural, the treated diamond cost average of $300 per carat while the natural Black Diamond $3000. While the White Diamond Costs an average of $4,400 – $7,600, as the price is generally based on its cut and brilliance offered from the diamond.



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