Recycled Gold

We have always believed in saving the environment and our surroundings, Gemone Diamond always inspires their customers to buy recycled gold jewelry. Mining for metals or gold is highly damaging to the environment and poses great risks to the workers involved, who often earn low wages. 

Having gold that has been sourced responsibly is extremely important to us, hereby the look of recycled gold is just like the mined ones, as their look, touch, and feel are exactly the same as mine. The procedure drastically minimizes the amount of newly harvested resources from our planet, and it also cuts CO2 emissions from the manufacture of gold jewelry by more than 90%.

Origin and Quality

Our products are made from recycled precious metals that are sourced from certified responsible refiners who meet the standards set by organizations. Using recycled metals to create our jewelry, we are working towards having all of our pieces made from recycled gold, either partially or fully.

Answers to your Questions

What is recycled gold?

Here refined precious metals are used to create recycled gold. They typically originate from consumer goods, waste materials, unused metal, and other gold-containing items. When no longer needed, these are then sold and melted down. The Process involves the refining and melting of previously used gold, without sacrificing any of the qualities that make the material so valuable and special, this is achieved.

Why should one choose recycled gold?

Recycled gold is bringing new life to this beautiful metal and allows to reduce the amount of waste discarded in the landfill. Without compromising on the quality of your jewelry, you now have the choice to select more sustainable alternatives to mining. It's a new gold recycled within itself from the previous one. 

Do they look different from mined gold?

No, Gold that has been melted down, refined, cast once again, and then used to create a new piece of jewelry is known as recycled gold. Gold has the advantage of being infinitely recyclable and capable of being melted down countless times without losing its quality.

Does recycled gold have less value?

No, Gold that has been recycled can be melted down and recycled repeatedly use without ever losing its worth or purity. The substance is still solid, brilliant 18kt gold. The worth and purity of the mined material are in no way diminished by the process of turning previously extracted gold into new designs.

Benefits of using recycled gold.

When compared to mining fresh gold, recycling gold consumes less electricity and chemicals. The cyanide and mercury used in gold mining can actually contaminate the land and waterways. These are poisonous substances, in case you didn't know, and they have an impact on the health of people living nearby as well as aquatic habitats. We create distinctive jewelry while avoiding the extraction of new metal by making excellent use of surplus gold.