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Diamond Certification - Know More About

Know more about diamond certification today. Get to learn how vital revewing diamond certificates is, before making a purchase.

It is crucial when choosing a diamond, to review the diamond certificates, referred by diamond laboratories as a grading report. For high priced diamonds, certification is a necessity. So, GIA, IGI, EGL will cost you more when talking about the grading of a high-quality diamond.

Diamond Certification


Diamonds 4C’s & New C’s: Certification

It’s impossible for small size and low-quality diamonds to make up for certification. This is because of the high price of the certification and the low price of such diamonds.

What is a diamond certificate?

To evaluate the quality of the diamond on basis of 4c's (cut, color, carat, and clarity) the Gemological Institute of America has created a system known as a diamond certificate. It also referred to diamond grading and it is highly recommended to buy certified diamonds. Diamond certificates not only determine the quality of the gem but also helps customers to understand what they are buying.

The Best Diamond Certification and Advantages of Certifications

the most known certificates are Gia, IGI, and HRD. Here, to know the quality of a diamond without being professional it is essential to have a certificate. The certificate is necessary as a guarantor, protecting you from unpredictability, and unawareness, and therefore the possibility of fraud is been avoided. The price is derived from Diamond Certificate.

As it's important to get the Diamond Certificate, the certificate ensures that quality stone is been provided. A diamond’s cut, color, and clarity, as well as its weight, are all qualities that the common buyer is unable to evaluate and some jewelers take advantage of this, so by getting a certificate you can be confident of the stone's quality, and that you are spending a fair price. While the second advantage is A certificate protects your investment means the resell value increases when you are holding a proper certificate of a diamond. Hence, you will be more likely to get back what you invested in it.

Cost of Certification


The Cost of Certification depends on the carat weight, and the service requested by the purchaser, as the report also varies on the type of stone you select. For D-Z diamonds, the primary grading service is about $30 to about $85 for a one-carat stone, with the fee increase, relying on weight and the service.

Is a Diamond Certificate Important?

Yes, it's the best way to find out if the thing you are buying is qualified or not, here the certificate is a must to get to know the real value of a diamond. For a genuine purchase, don't buy a diamond unless it's a certified one.

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