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Black diamonds have taken quite the center stage in the jewelry business. Its unique and stunning beauty has increased its popularity, even vying for position as the center stone in engagement rings. before designing jewelry must be required to identify a black diamond.

However, if you are unfamiliar with how to identify a black diamond's features, structure, and components, one might deceive you or lead you astray. People can trick you into thinking that a lower-quality stone or a gemstone is a diamond when it is an entirely different jewel. To reduce the possibility of buying black diamond jewelry that loses its shine and turns grey after six months or a year. It is fundamental to know the difference between a natural black diamond and loose moissanite. For this reason, it's essential to understand how to identify black diamonds.

The first test you can do is observe the surface of the diamond. No matter how shiny the black diamond look, it always comes with a few nicks and scratches on its surface.


If it doesn't have any minor ports or cuts, it is not a genuine black diamond. A true black diamond never has a smooth surface. You can use a 10x loupe to examine the surface of the diamond. A loupe is a type of magnifying glass used by jewelers and watchmakers that allows you to investigate the diamond on a microscopic level. You can find loupes on Amazon or any other shops at reasonable prices.

Moissanite has high clarity and is nearly flawless, whereas most diamonds have imperfections. When inspecting the stone, one should look for tiny signs of imperfection to signal a genuine black diamond. The window effect of diamonds can also give insight into their validity. Natural diamonds never have even surfaces, unlike moissanite.

Alternatively, you can use a carbide scriber blade to test the diamond's surface. When an authentic diamond is scratched, nothing happens to the diamond's surface. The reason is that diamonds are one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals.


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If the stone in question is not an authentic diamond or is loose moissanite, the experiment will damage the stone. The reason is that the carbide scriber possesses a hardness of 9.5 while the hardness of the moissanite is 9.25. This kind of moissanite often fools many, including the Chinese testers whose carbide scribers have even grades and readings only. If the hardness is more than nine, it shows the diamond is authentic. Therefore, using testers like the Diamond knight and Presidium multi tester3 is highly preferable.

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To definitively know if your black diamond is real or fake, always buy black diamonds from reputable jewelers dealing in black diamonds. Make sure you trust the shop and the source of the jewelry. Finally, you can also visit Gemone Diamonds shop for more help and guidance on buying black diamonds. You can learn about the different prices of black Diamond through the price chart of black diamond.

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How to Identify a Raw Black Diamond

Black diamond has taken the center stage in the diamond industry for the past few years. Black diamond has inclusions or small imperfections in its structure.


Raw Black Diamonds: This type is inherently emerging black diamonds or carbonado diamonds that own more clusters of graphite as compared to white diamonds. That is why it possesses its black color. A black diamond is heat-treated: you will need a magnifying glass and a light source.

rough diamond

The black diamonds are treated and properly cut-shaped into the preferred style to get quality black diamonds. Although most black diamonds on the market today are either superheated or irradiated to almost black color.

How to tell if Black Diamonds are Real

Understand the dissimilarity of treated black diamond vs natural black diamond and determine if a black diamond is a real diamond or moissanite.

During the last 10 years, I find numerous cases, where people think they buy a huge stone that is marked as a natural black diamond. They come to me saying they have 10 ct to almost 200 Carat black diamond, and they approach me as if what they have hit is the jackpot. And every time, I raise the two basic questions. So this is a kind of two-filter test that they must pass through. The questions are mentioned below,

  1. Is it really A diamond?

  2. If it is really a black diamond, Is it a 100% natural black diamond or a Heated one?

You will be amazed to know that 100% of such people who approached me with such a request are in the day end highly disappointed. Just by looking at the surface of such a stone, we can identify it was not a black diamond at all. It just looks like fake black moissanite. Many times it is not even black moissanite but a Hematite. In a couple of cases, we need to tell them to use the carbide scriber, and the result is the same, the carbide puts a big scratch on the stone surface.

Although diamond testers identify colorless moissanite, they don't take precise readings of any colored moissanite. Because of neither natural colored nor heated black diamond nor Black Moissanite's test as diamond on the electronic testers. So you must check a few things.

  1. What the supplier deals in as the main product
  2. Check the certification of the reputed lab
  3. You can use a diamond scriber to check one of the facets and last
  4. Anyone can use a high-quality diamond tester like Presidium-III.

If you have come across any such stone or occasion, I request you to follow the Descriptive Diamond Shopping guide.

How to Test Black Diamonds

As we all know diamonds are an internal part of everyone's life, diamonds are a beautiful thing that deserves all the money we can manage to throw at them. How can you figure out whether it's a natural diamond or an artificial diamond?

There are many tests through which you can figure out the diamond, the goal is to determine if it’s a real diamond or not.

Here are several tests mentioned,

  1. Water Drop Test

Diamonds are of high density, through this test diamond is real or fake can be known. You can test this at home,


just take the glass of water and drop the diamond in the water if it sinks the diamond is real and if the diamond floats the diamond is not real and it's just a fake diamond.

  1. Heat test

Diamonds are incredibly tough and can resist extremely high heat. Another test to determine if a black diamond is genuine is the Heat Test.


To do this, use a lighter to heat the black diamond for a few moments, then drop the hot diamond immediately into a glass of water, If it breaks, then it is a fake diamond.

Check this video for more information on how to test Black Diamond

  • George Elsey
    George Elsey October 05, 2023

    I have a real one It glows gree under UV. It looks just like the salt and pepper ones. It’s cut in a kite , 41.0 ct

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