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Oval Cut Diamond [Guide] : Everything you must know before buying

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What is Oval Diamond?

The Oval Cut Diamonds shape brings together the sparkle of a round diamond, with the design of marquise diamonds, as Oval cuts are best for getting the finger to look elongated and slender. The loose oval diamond gives a much deeper look to its unique shape and cut. They have unique cuts as they appear bigger in look compared with round diamond.

Ovals are best to get for some who want to make the ring look eye-catchy and attractive. They have trendy and fashionable cuts to make any kind of ring look luxurious.

History of Oval Diamond

Lazare Kaplan

The Oval Cut Diamond was designed by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960s. The modern ideal Oval Cut we normally see wasn't created until 1957 when the Russian diamond cutter invented it.  The Oval Diamonds settled in the Engagement Rings will make the finger look slender and longer, Its elongated shape makes the diamond look bigger than its actual size.

As it's similar to the round brilliant shape, the oval shape is also bursting with brilliance and fire, an Oval Cut Diamond is stunning and amazing. The Oval is believed “fancy” shape. The elongated design makes it emerge larger than other shapes of the same carat weight.  An oval shape has about the same level of blaze & Fire. Oval-cut black diamonds are also very popular as their length can highlight their beauty.

Clarity and Color

The price is generally based on the cut and clarity of the diamond. Here the clarity grade is based on IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, and I2. On the base of this grade the diamond is judged as through this the inclusions and imperfections are measured before buying a diamond. Oval-cut diamonds are profound in hiding the inclusion.

The Diamond Color is graded by the GIA on a scale from D to Z. When a diamond has a Z Color grade, it means the diamond inclusions can be easily noticeable brown or yellow tint. On the other end of the scale, the D grade expresses the most colorless a diamond can be.

Pricing of Oval Diamond

Oval Diamond-2
Source: Economic Times


Oval Diamond is rarer to find than princess cut and round cut diamonds. As they are generally 20% less expensive than round-cut diamonds. Oval shapes are expertly crafted which helps to hide the imperfections and blemishes very well. Well, the price of an oval diamond costs anywhere between $1,300 and $16,500. And hereby depends on the cut and clarity grades you select. For any kind of diamond, the pricing is based on the 4cs of a diamond. So, while making the purchase of a diamond and its jewelry you must have the knowledge of Diamond 4c's.

Why choose an oval diamond

There are many reasons to go with an oval-shaped diamond, its appearance makes your finger look longer and slim, while it has a large surface area than a round-cut diamond of equal carat. As this factor makes the diamond look bigger. Another reason to select this wonderful diamond, it has a unique bow-tie formation. While Oval Diamonds are also one of the most popular choices for celebrities.

Best Setting for Oval Diamond


Oval diamonds are versatile to be settled in the engagement ring, as to be placed in the ring gives the most classic and visible look as the stone allows the light to reflect more and shine more brightly. Here, many types of settings allow the diamond to add brilliance perfectly.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings give the best look in a prong setting with a plain band, Halo Setting as well as a solitaire look with accent diamonds. So, now it personally depends on you what style and setting you did like to have as an Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring also you can create your own Oval Shape Engagement Ring from Gemone Diamond now.

Oval Diamond Size Chart on Hand



Wondering what a 1 carat Oval diamond looks link on a hand? Our Oval diamond size chart will help you convert millimeter (mm) size to carat size for Oval cut diamonds.

<--- Check Size Chart for Oval Diamonds now --->

Oval diamond benefits

    1. They give a bigger look when settled in any kind of jewelry
    2. They are highly brilliant
    3. Oval Diamonds offers more variety.
    4. They are affordable in price '
    5. Oval Diamonds doesn’t catch or scratch

Popular Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings you might like


Here are some of the fascinating products of Oval Diamond Engagement Ring presented by Gemone Diamond from its wonderful collection, as these oval diamonds make the ring look bolder and more charming.

Oval Diamond Solitaire Ring


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Oval Diamonds are one of the most Beautiful diamonds, as the oval solitaire ring is one of the most popular styles and gets you a timelessly elegant look with its beauty. It maximizes the look of your finger through its amazing features.

Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring

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This ring represents uniqueness and individuality with its feature. Here
the best thing about sapphire gemstones are they are very hard and durable as well as they are very well-known for their potential brilliance and shine. These timeless creations are returned again and again for underlining the Oval's extended form to perfection.

Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


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The Halo setting makes the center diamond look bigger and extended as well as adds an extra sparkle to your overall look with its wonderful features. The pinch of shimmering touch with black and white diamonds is making the overall ring look elegant.

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