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Radiant Cut Diamonds - A Complete Guide

Diamond shapes

What is a radiant cut Diamond?

Its versatile design combines the brightness and depth of Round, Emerald, and Princess-cut, making it a popular choice for all types of Jewelry. The radiant shape diamond is the first square cut (the second being the Princess) to get a completely brilliant shape facet design use for both the crown and pavilion. Creating a vibrant and lively square diamond, the radiant cut diamond is an attractive blend of other cuts. Its brilliant-cut facets are an influence of Round and Princess cuts in a modern diamond jewelry shape with many twinkles. The radiant cut is a sophisticated choice for those who want to stand out. What Things to know about diamonds? Our guide will give you insight.

Radiant Cut Diamond Facets


A radiant cut diamond is a particular kind of cut having 70 facets on the crown and pavilion. In fact, 70 facets are the highest number of facets on any diamond cut available. It is necessary to note that when referring to a radiant cut, the stone involved can only be square or rectangular in shape. The round brilliant cuts may appear similar but only have 58 facets likened to the radiant diamond’s 70.

History of Radiant Cut Diamond

This gemstone was created in 1977 in New York by gem cutter Henry Grossbard. here, this gemstone was not an immediate success. This stone was not known in the starting phase in the local market but when it did it exploded. The brilliant cuts and radiant cuts took a center stage in the 1980s. Being an incredibly hard-cutting style for any jeweler to perform, it was an uncommon but extremely sought-after cutting style at the time. Cushion-cut have remained popular to this day.

How to select a perfect radiant-cut diamond?


There are some key factors to look after when you are buying the radiant cut stone, internal flaws, ratios, and color. Internal flaws:- Internal flaws are less vital in radiant cut diamonds as they can hide the flaws very perfectly. Ratio:- Radiant diamonds having rectangular formate are often measured using length-to-width ratio. 1.20 to 1.30 ratio is considered to be the perfect ratio for rectangle-shaped radiant cut diamonds. Color:- Colour is essential with radiant diamond, as any faults in the coloration of the stone will improve the final product.

Ideal Setting for Radiant-Cut Diamond


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Radiant cut diamonds can get you an attractive look in any kind of setting, regardless there are some factors to look after. So, when you are going to select ing setting, select the setting that allows the light to reflect more. Having a more protective or closed diamond setting will negatively affect the light’s ability to reflect, Hence, will get you a less vibrant final product. Here the best style for the setting of a radiant cut diamond is the four-prong solitaire. Radiant-cut diamonds are an excellent option if you want a bright, sparkly diamond.

Specification Of Radiant-cut Diamond

The ideal Ratio for a radiant diamond is between 1.10 and 1.50. This Diamond has 70 facets. It includes 25 facets on the crown, 8 on the girdle, and 37 on the pavilion.

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