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What is a Colorless Diamond?

Diamonds form a major sector of the jewelry and social aspects of mainstream society such as in engagement and marriage. Their value, coupled with an exquisite, elegant look makes them highly coveted. Only, like other gemstones, some diamonds like colorless diamonds, are held in higher regard than others and are more sought after.

Why are they termed Colorless Diamonds?

Diamonds are formed over long durations and under extreme heat and pressure. During this period, some inclusions may contaminate the chemical and physical structures of the diamonds, resulting in varying color streaks.


According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) body responsible for certifying diamond quality, colorless diamonds are those free of inclusions and hence pure. They are free of contaminants or color, and likened to a crystal clear drop of water. Now, to distinguish and classify different types of diamonds, the GIA developed a framework referred to as the 4Cs of Diamond classification: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carats.

While each of the Cs contributes to the overall value of a diamond, color is critical to the overall value accorded. Colorless diamonds are classified higher than diamonds with hue, either noticeable with the naked eye or requiring an expert gemologist inspection, and hence more valuable.

The color determination process is conducted by exposing the diamonds to Ultraviolet right and observing the resulting fluorescence. Diamonds with inclusions emit a yellowish glare while colorless diamonds are crystal. Similarly, the diamonds could be compared against others with a known color grade.


The GIA color scale classifies colorless diamonds as D, E, and F being the highest possible. The scale then descends depending on the presence of color. G, H, I, and J have nearly no color, with K, L, and M having color variations that can be determined by a trained gemologist. Sections XYZ has color noticeable by an untrained eye.

Do colorless Diamonds sparkle more?

Yes. They are more radiant. Colorless diamonds have no inclusions, meaning that light freely travels through their planes. As a consequence, they have a higher fluorescence, interpreted as having more radiance or sparkle when placed in direct light.

Characteristics of a diamond


Diamond has Four main characteristics, Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. Each factor impacts the price of a diamond and these factors are known as 4c's of Diamond.

Cut- It refers to the cuts of Diamonds showing a more or less balanced arrangement of facets, which together adjust the shape and formation of a diamond.

Carat- It refers to the weight of the diamond, this shows the size of a diamond. The 1 carat of Diamond equals 0.200 grams or 1/5 gram.

Clarity - It refers to how clean is the diamond, this term is based on the measurement of the purity and rarity of the stone. It grades from Flawless to Included (I1, I2, I3).

Color - It shows refers to the absence of color in a diamond, with absolutely colorless diamonds assumed to be the highest quality and with the highest value, and brown or yellow diamonds being the lowest quality. According to GIA, the color scales range from D to Z.

Here, are the main four factors showing the perfect beauty of a Diamond, For Detailed Information, you can read our Diamond 4c's Blog.

Are colorless Diamonds good?


Yes. Colorless diamonds form the highest level of the GIA scale. However, they are almost indistinguishable from diamonds under ranges G, H, I, and J due to the subtility of color difference. They also share many of their properties. When seeking to purchase a diamond, you could opt for diamonds under that range to make budgetary savings as colorless diamonds are relatively expensive.

Why are colorless Diamonds more expensive?


As mentioned, the less noticeable the hue in a diamond, the more expensive a diamond becomes. This justifies the reason why colorless diamonds have the largest price tags. The other reason, which is also predominantly the major reason for their high price is a rarity.

While different people attribute different reasons to the price, such as the higher radiance and elegance, these can be achieved in low color range diamonds through modification of their immediate environments and application in jewelry.

Under the laws of demand and supply, a high demand for colorless diamonds with limited supply causes them to be extremely expensive.

Colorless diamonds are difficult to come by due to ease of contamination on the earth's surface, Most diamonds in use today have slight tints of color which makes their price average.

colorless diamond


Comparing colorless diamonds to other gemstones, some may be more expensive due to a Higher carat value, with the color difference subjugated through the gem’s use.

For diamonds, colorless represents purity and sets the highest color standard of a diamond. Limitations presented by their high attached price tag can be avoided by seeking a balance between the remaining CS of diamond classification to ensure more value for money while enjoying the beauty and classic feel a diamond offers.

Buying Guide For Colorless Diamond

Colorless Diamond is a great option to be placed in the jewelry and make it look eye-catchy. Gemone provides you with authentic Colorless Diamonds and their jewelry so grab the amazing offers available with us. Buying a colorless diamond will definitely make your jewelry look magnificent as they are a diamond that adds extra glam to your personality and suits your everyday style.

Here are some of the tips for Buying a Colorless Diamond set your budget, pick your preferred shape, find the best color-clarity grades that will make your jewelry look, and look for the best cuts that allow the Diamond to sparkle maximum.

Selecting the appropriate diamond carat, color, and clarity is the primary role of buying the colorless Diamond. Here, the time is getting started and it's up to you to select the best kind of Diamond with the ideal cut and clarity in your budget.

Also, check out Gemone Diamond for making your purchase complete as Gemone Diamond provide you with the best and we would love to get a perfect Colorless Diamond for you that will surely fulfill your requirements and needs. So, Walk-in and discuss your demands before buying a piece of a striking diamond!

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