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Why Choose Natural Black Diamond instead of other Black Stones?

Many people are confused when choosing a Diamond for Jewelry as they are looking for something unique, trendy, and modern. And people are noticing that Black Diamonds are in trend but there are different types of stones available and people are confused about which to choose, should they go for Black Diamond or Black Moissanite or any other Black Gemstone? So read this guide on Why Choose Natural Black Diamond Instead of Other Black Color Gemstones?

Table of Content:

1. Why should you buy a Natural Black Diamond
2. Why choose a Natural Black Diamond?
     • Hardness
     • Grades
     • Value
     • Usage
     • Variety
     • Quality
3. What is Onyx
     • Black Diamond vs Onyx
4. What is Spinel
     • Black Diamond vs Black Spinel
5. What is Black Sapphire
     • Black Diamond vs Black Sapphire



Why should you buy a Natural Black Diamond?

Black diamonds are the most rigid substance, which ranks 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Black diamonds are formed with the many inclusions of graphite, as graphite is a form of carbon that appears grey and nearly black in color.


Natural Black Diamond is one of the best choices when choosing the center stone for the fine jewelry article. Black Diamonds are usually cheaper than colorless diamonds. As it’s a good choice to add Black Diamond to your jewelry collection for a bold and magnifying look. Hence, these stones are completely opaque and they have a high amount of luster and shine. They can’t be graded on the basis of the 4c’s grade.


Why Choose a Natural Black Diamond?

Out of all the available Black Gemstones, Why do People choose black diamonds for jewelry making, healing stones, and more usage? As the gemologist at Gemone Diamonds below is my opinion.

Black Diamond Hardness:

Black Diamond is my personal favorite because its hardness is the highest, it is even harder than colorless diamonds. You have the black diamond in your jewelry, forget about taking care of it like other gemstones. It’s never going to lose its shine and luster. just wiping with cotton is enough for its care. you will not have to incur any replacement costs after a couple of months or years.

Black Diamond Grades:

Black Diamond of AAA quality is having the highest luster and brilliance. Which it will never lose. As to grinding its surface, only a diamond can scratch it so you don’t need to worry.

Black Diamonds Value:

Black Diamond is having highest value out of all the black gemstones. It is resale value is even higher.

Black Diamond Usage:

Black Diamond can go as the best contrast matching against colorless white diamonds and can retain its beauty pretty long term. Using other gemstones will be meant the problem reduces shine and luster in the long term and again need to go to the jewelers for repairs.

Black Diamond Variety:

Black Diamond is available in very small to huge sizes in the market. It is available in a wide variety of shapes too, which meant we have the widest selection available.

Black Diamond Quality:

A black diamond will retain its beauty for years. Other stones will be dull after a couple of months or years. You need to search for an alternative again and again to replace the centerpiece. And it feels awkward when somebody comments pointing out flaws in your jewelry.

Finally, to sum up, Natural Black Diamond is a diamond that its mined underneath the earth’s surface for almost a billion years. It is the diamond and it’s rare and at a present cost in the market, it’s the best alternative for fine jewelry. Click here to read the full article on how to identify a black diamond.

Also, you can check out a video made on the same topic:
Why Choose a Natural Black Diamond

What is Onyx

Onyx stones don’t have any clarity grades they are entirely opaque. Onyx gemstone is a type of Chalcedony that has parallel banded layers,


as the color band varies from the shades of black, blue, green, red, honey, orange, or orange-red. Thus, the various properties of this stone are used for healing purposes as well as astrological purposes. Onyx can be easily found for sale.

Black Diamond vs Onyx

Black diamond and onyx are two gemstones from significantly different families that display markedly different physical properties. Regardless, one major uniting element between both stones is their color and their popularity.

Black Diamond Onyx
Black diamond color varies Onyx comes in black color
Is much more high-priced than Onyx and other
Black stones
Onyx is much more affordable than Natural Black Diamond
Black Diamonds are tougher than any other stones
because of its 10 Mohs scales of hardness
Are not tough as Black Diamonds
Has too much of inclusions because they are natural
and extracted from mines.
It has fewer inclusions than Black Diamonds
Black Diamonds are hard to find as they are
extracted from mines and take millions of years to form
Onyx is easily found after black diamond

What is Spinel

Black spinel is highly reflective and does not feature the identical metallic overtone that many other stones do. Spinel is seen in a vast range of colors: red, lavender, violet, blue, green, black, and brown.


Usually, spinel is seen in gravel deposits where there is considerable corundum as well. They also have some inclusions that add to their durability.

Black Diamond vs Black Spinel

Black Diamond Black Spinel
Black Diamond scale 10 on Mohs Scale Whereas Black Spinel scale 8 on Mohs Scale
As Black Diamond scales 10 on Mohs Scale which
means it is hard than Black Spinel
It is not as hard as Carbonado Black Diamond
as it stands 8 on Mohs Scale
The classic choice for Jewelry lovers Choose rarely as it is an intriguing newcomer to
Modern Jewelry
Are treated to obtain proper Black Color Black Spinel has Natural Black Color



What is Black Sapphire

Black sapphire is an aluminum oxide mineral that usually forms in crystals. The color ranges from blue-black to gray. These gemstones are of low quality, low grade, and are less valuable Gemstone.


Black Diamond vs Black Sapphire

Black Diamond Black Sapphire
Black Diamonds are more in demand than any
other Black Stone
Are not much in demand like Black Diamonds
As Black Diamond scales 10 on Mohs Scale which
means it is hard than other Black Stones
It is not as hard as Natural Black Diamond
as it stands 9 on Mohs Scale
The classic choice for Jewelry lovers Choose rarely as everyone prefers Black
Diamond only
Higher in price Lower in price as it is not much popular
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