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What is April Birthstone? Know It's Meaning, History, Facts and Many More..

April months has the most beautiful and precious stone "The Diamond". The ultimate symbol of love and lucky for those ones who are born in April month. Each month is associated with the beautiful Gemstone with retaining its rich culture. Diamonds have the most iconic sparkling, fire, and brilliance, providing extreme beauty. They are widely perceived as the world’s most popular and sought-after gems.

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What Is a Diamond?

Diamond is a natural substance formed of pure carbon elements, in short, it's a solid form of carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal. It is the most popular gemstone and also the hardest substance on the earth. It's an indestructible element made of a single element.

Diamond Meaning & Symbolize

april birthstone - Diamond

Diamonds symbolize stability, love, and health. Earlier, the diamond has been worn by the leaders of the fighters to represent strength and invincibility. It’s a traditional birthstone that holds significant meaning for people born in the month of April, thought to give the wearer better relationships and a boost in inner strength. Diamonds enrich both positive and negative energy, as well as they have the power to pull back the bad energy. Here, a diamond brings good fortune to the wearer


What is the Color of April's Birthstone

The color of April's birthstone is clear or white, as they represent transparency. Diamond is formed completely of carbon and is the hardest natural material known to man. White diamonds are most in common while the fancy-colored diamonds are also there which show different hues within them. 

Natural fancy-color diamonds are fully genuine in every way. The colors were created within the stones through nature and over millions of years developed into the rough stones located in mines throughout the world. The color of a natural diamond can range from orange, purple, brown, violet, and pink. 

How is a Diamond Formed?

They have formed under the earth's crust over 3 billion years ago, heat and pressure are formed which results in the carbon element crystallizing forming diamonds. they can be located below the earth's surface while the depth would be approximately 150km to 200km. Some stones take shape in a subject of days or months, while others take millions of years to emerge.

History of Diamond

The Diamond is very well known for its rich history and culture. The diamonds were discovered in the early 4th century BCE, they were exchanged with precious and luxurious items along trade routes. Till the 1400s the European elites used to were diamond jewelry and diamond stones which they used to purchase from India.

In the 1700s supplying of a diamond from India were declining as new diamonds were been discovered by sifters in Brazil hereby Brazil took over the diamond market for over the next 150 years. In the rich history of the diamond, one of the largest diamonds was located in South Africa at 3,106 ct, and from which the Great Star of Africa was created and placed in the Royal Scepter now housed in the Tower of London.

Diamond is known as love stone as ancient Romans used to believe that the cupid arrow was tipped with sparkling diamonds, which also provides longevity and honesty in a relationship.

Where is Diamond Found?  

Where is Diamond Found?

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones and their rarity makes them more popular over the countries. It's the most important and valuable mineral on the earth. Generally, Diamonds can be discovered around 100 miles underneath the earth’s surface. It takes one billion to three billion years to form it naturally.

Nowadays diamonds can be found in different countries like India, Canada, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

Diamond Healing Properties

  1. Diamond helps with self-acceptance, and self-love, and blesses your soul with strength and ability.
  2. Diamonds can uplift one's mood and emotional level of one's health.
  3. It helps in removing negative energies while promotes with love and tenderness.
  4. Earlier the stone used to have protection and healing properties relating to poison and aliments.
  5. This stone helps in bringing romance and positive energies to oneself.

Diamond Price

The average price of a 1-carat diamond normally ranges from $1,790 - $11,578 depending on the diamond's shape, color, clarity, and other factors. Among these elements, cut quality is the most significant aspect of a 1-carat diamond that specifies its price and its beauty.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry is an age-old tradition of self-embellishment, and its fine quality makes them look just so perfect for gifting to your loved ones. They create remarkable memories when gifted. Here are some of the popular designs that will make you fall for their true beauty.

Solitaire Ring


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Solitaire rings are the most prevalent ring style that makes your diamond look prettier. Solitaire with side accents adds an elegant touch to your look.



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Earrings always create a unique look while adoring your look with its unimaginable beauty. Earrings are something that glam up your face with the stunning beauty of sparkling Diamonds.

Diamond Bracelet


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The endless sparkling beauty of Diamonds placed in alignment reflects the brilliance. Diamond Bracelets are perfect for everyday Diamond Jewelry.




Diamond Care & Cleaning


Diamonds are one of the hardest substance and their stability and durability make them a remarkable choice for jewelry. You must be careful while storing the diamond and its jewelry. Rubbing diamonds against the softer gems can result in the scratching of stone. For cleaning diamonds, you can use a soft brush or warm soapy water, hereby the negative energy can be detoxified by dropping them into water overnight. ultrasonic cleaners are also a good option for diamonds unless they are fractured-filled. Here, Steam cleaning can affect the diamond's clarity so must avoid steam cleaning.

Facts About Diamond

  1. Diamonds weren't always excavated. 
  2. Candle flames contain lots of small diamond 
  3. Remains of loved one can be transformed into diamonds with the help of scientists. 
  4. It is one of the hardest substances on the earth. 
  5. In the sky, there's also a Diamond named "Lucy". 

Reasons, April Birthstones are perfect for the Jewelry

  1. It shows timeless elegance as diamonds never go out of style!
  2. It represents the symbol of love.
  3. They have a high durability factor while they rank 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  4. It holds the value which leads to investment.
  5. Diamond jewelry tends to be a memorable gift.

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