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Discover the Meaning and History of March Birthstone: Aquamarine

 Birthstones are something colorful, popular, and fun to have in life. Birthstones are connected with ancient history as well they are connected to one's Birthmonth indicating that the birthstone is of the person who is born in that particular month. Each Birthstone is beautiful in its own way and each of them has a perfect meaning and significant history.

What is an Aquamarine?


Aquamarine - The Most beautiful gemstone of march month, Aquamarine, is reminiscent of the sea and is believed to be an extremely soothing impact on relationships, hence why it is supposed to be such a perfect gift and one of the world's favorites.

An extremely wearable soft blue gemstone, that can transition easily from day to evening and can take rare knocks without chipping or scraping. They can be set into all shapes of jewelry and look stunning when combined with Diamonds and a collection of other colored gemstones.

What is the Color of an Aquamarine Birthstone

Aquamarines ranges in a variety of color. Different types of colors are present depending on the hue and tone of the gemstone.
Here, the color range from light blue to dark blue or even dark green color with
overtones of blue. Most gemstones display a blue to blue-green color. The best gems blend high clarity with limpid transparency and blue to slightly greenish-blue hues.

Aquamarine Meaning & Symbolism

TAquamarine is a gemstone representing happiness, lasting youth, and hope. In ancient times, couples wore aquamarine to make true love instead of lust. This is connected to the moon and carries the healing and calming qualities of the sea. Here, its meaning and symbolism are very much connected with the sea-blue stone that comes from ancient sailors and seafarers.

How is an Aquamarine Formed?

This gemstone is very much connected with Graphite, it can also be seen in the form of metamorphic rocks sometimes. Hereby, granitic magma slowly cools, and aquamarine and other states of beryl grow in vugs or pegmatite veins, boosted by hot water soaked with metals and minerals. Aquamarine receives its blue color from iron pollutants within colorless beryl.

History of Aquamarine

The word Aquamarine derives from the Latin roots representing water and sea. This makes it truly clear that aquamarine is popular as the gemstone symbolizing the water of the sea.' This is why, in ancient times, even when it was not mentioned on the birthstone chart, sailors used to carry this gem with them on long travels. It was believed that being the sea's gemstone it keeps the bad waves in control. Thus making their water travel safe. It was, nevertheless, their trust and preparedness that kept things in command.

Ancient Egyptians valued the blue shades of March Birthstone: Aquamarine and used it as a mark of happiness and adolescence. Charms made of this stone were often worn for pain relief and good health by the people of that period.

The frit lady Eleanor Roosevelt was gifted with a beautiful dark blue Aquamarine stone by the brazil government in 1963. This birthstone is now kept at the Franklin Roosevelt Museum located in New York.

Where is Aquamarine Found?

This Birthstone is mined mostly in Brazil, but it is even found in Zambia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Mozambique. Regardless, it can be located in directly dozens of countries around the world.

Aquamarine Birthstone's Healing Properties


Aquamarine Gemstone is generally known for youth and the spirit of hope. Many people feel connected with its beautiful healing properties like faithfulness and never-ending love.

Physically, it's said to help ease the symptoms of fluid retention. Because it's associated with water and water cleansing, aquamarine can also help aid in the removal of toxins from the body. Here, this gemstone is carried by many people for promoting good health as well as the presence of cure aliments attracts tends people towards it.

This astonishing gemstone brings happiness to a marriage. Aquamarine’s affinity between love and Romance makes this gemstone an ideal choice for jewelry.


Aquamarine Price

The price of aquamarine can cost you $675, while the stone of 2 to 3 carats can cost you around $1000 to $1500. The bigger aquamarine the more increase in price as the rare Santa Maria aquamarines having good quality can range in price up to $1000. It's difficult to find aquamarine of good quality having fine color.

Aquamarine Gemstone Rings


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Amazing beauty to flaunt with, this ring is showing its features in sterling silver white colorless diamonds making it look more attractive. The color of the birthstone is so soothing.


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This wonderful impressive aquamarine stone is reflecting its shine through a halo setting, the ring is exhibiting the pure magnificence colorless diamond placed around the aquamarine stone. This gemstone always creates a beautiful centerpiece.

Aquamarine Care & Cleaning

Warm soapy water is constantly a safe cleaning process for aquamarine. Cleaning by ultrasonic and steam cleaners is usually safe unless the stone has fractures or liquid inclusions. Infrequently, aquamarine might be fracture filled. These stones should only be washed with warm soapy water.

 Interesting Facts About Aquamarine Gemstone

  1. Aquamarine Gemstones and Emeralds have the same mineral elements. 
  2. An aquamarine birthstone is derived from the two Latin words!
  3. Aquamarine is the Colorado state gemstone, as Colorado has rich history and culture.
  4. Aquamarine is known for its calmness
  5. It is meant to be given for the 19th wedding anniversary.
  6. Aquamarine is related to the throat's 5th chakra.

Why choose March Gemstone for Jewelry?

Aquamarine hardness is good on the Mohs hardness of scale, here they rank 7 which means these gems have superior resistance to scratches and abrasions. This makes them the perfect choice for daily wear jewelry, like Aquamarine Engagement Rings. Carrying the aquamarine stone provides powers to balance, stabilize, and handle the mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

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