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Guide to Solitaire Ring

What is a Solitaire Ring?

A Solitaire Ring refers to a single stone placed in a metal band showing its sole beauty through its amazing facets and shapes. Solitaire style is possible for all kinds of jewelry such as Solitaire Pendants, and Solitaire Earrings. In Solitaire Ring the primary attraction is on the center diamond as there is a plain band with the magnificence of a single stone.

The Symbolism of Solitaire Ring


A timeless and enduring piece of jewelry, the solitaire exhibits a straightforward beauty with uncomplicated elements. In ancient Roman jewelry, unpolished diamonds were placed in metal bands, making solitaires the most classic engagement ring designs.

Why choose a Solitaire ring?

Solitaire is something that shows the beauty of a single stone. It allows the center stone to work solely and makes a statement by reflecting more light through its facets. The solitaire ring reflects personal taste and choice. It's an ultimate statement of love, elegance, and tradition. It's the most classic and timeless option to go with as they have been in trend for decades.

What to Look for in a Solitaire Ring

When you are buying an ideal solitaire ring, the primary thing to look after is the 4c's of the stone should be appropriate. Make sure the stone you select shines brightly, such as round brilliant cut stone reflecting more sparkle and brilliance while other cuts such as marquise and oval provide you a larger and more slender look.

How to wear a Solitaire ring

It is believed, wearing a solitaire ring on the middle finger promotes success, wealth, and good fortune. Generally, according to some Western cultures, the solitaires are worn on the left hand as it shows they have become engaged and eventually getting married.

Pros and Cons of Solitaire Ring

Pros of Solitaire Ring

  1. Solitaire is a timeless classic as well as its simple and minimalistic design makes them attractive.
  2. The trend of the Solitaire ring will never pass down.
  3. The Resale value of solitaire will always be good.
  4. They are versatile styles to select.
  5. They can be paired easily with stackable wedding bands.

Cons of Solitaire Ring

  1. Some people may find the solitaire ring simple.
  2. You will not be able to rip off the look with miniature diamonds or even medium-sized diamonds.
  3. If you are having budget issues sometimes you have to comprise with cut, color, and quality.

How to Enhance a Solitaire Ring

You can enhance your solitaire ring by replacing the center stone with different shapes of diamonds, also you can try out different settings with a solitaire ring. Turn your plain band into an attractive one by creating different patterns.

Cleaning & Caring for a Solitaire Ring


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Clean your ring regularly, you can soak your ring in normal warm water for a while and then gently scrub on your ring with a toothbrush, around the stone, and in between the settings. You should clean your ring once over a few weeks.

How much does a Solitaire Ring Cost?

Solitaire diamonds have a higher weight and an increased price when compared with two gemstones having the same cut, clarity, or color. The solitaire diamond shall generally have a minimum weight of 0.30ct, with other rings having as many or fewer diamonds but lower carat weights. Commonly, a round-cut diamond solitaire ring's price varies from $2,500 to $18,000 per carat.



Different Styles of Solitaire Ring


Solitaire Ring exhibits its own language of love and commitment, you can flaunt your solitaire ring in many different ways such as Four-prong, Six-prong, Bezel Setting, and Cathedral Settings are also more styles to go with as create an exceptional look with its never-ending beauty.

Solitaire Ring vs Halo Ring


Solitaire is something that wants to go with a simple and elegant look, as in a solitaire ring a single diamond plays a huge role. If you want something that is actually going to make people’s notice, possibly a halo ring is more for you. In the Solitaire Ring surrounding stones are not present hereby the center stone allows more light to get to the diamond, which increases the sparkle of its own.

Where to Buy Solitaire Ring?

Get your Stunning Solitaire Ring from Gemone Diamond, From our quality of products, collection, above-and-beyond customer service and so much more are something you will definitely love. It's a place where you can get your imaginary ring as we have the ability to create absolutely any style of ring one can imagine. Gemone Diamond believes in creating personalized and individual pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime. Securing your jewelry can stand the test of time with everyday wear suggests paying special attention to the structural virtue of every piece we make.

Here are some of the special pieces of the Solitaire Ring that reflect pure love and a core connection.

 Six-Prong Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Ring

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The simple and elegant beauty of the round diamond reflects its mesmerizing shine through the peg head basketing setting. This setting enhances the look of the center diamond.

 Twist Shank Engagement Ring


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Go from classic to unique with this fascinating setting with Gemone Diamond, as twisted shanks are making the ring look more attractive, the diamond is settled with a flat four-prong setting.

Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


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The solitaire engagement ring features the princess cut diamond in a decorative basket setting. The beauty of solitaire can be formed in any of the ring styles.


Here we have discussed the majority of the components that go into making a unique solitaire ring in this blog. From a design standpoint, there are certain additional factors are taken into account. Solitaires are the ones with which one can never be wrong.


How many stones does a Solitaire Ring have?

Any jewelry set with a single gemstone is referred to as a "solitaire." Ring, pendant, and earring designs with solitary stones are popular.

 Are solitaire rings only for engagement? 

For instance, the conspicuous solitaire diamond is a traditional design for an engagement ring. Although single women can still wear solitaire rings, you should avoid wearing one of them on your ring finger.

 How much does a 1 Carat Solitaires ring cost

In retail stores, a good quality 1-carat diamond ring costs between $6,500 to $7,500.

 Are Solitaires rings more expensive

Diamonds set in solitaire settings typically weigh more and cost more money. Typically, solitaire diamonds weigh at least 0.30 carats.

 How to make a Solitaires ring look bigger

An oval cut is your best option if you want your diamond to appear larger while saving money at the same time.

 Are Solitaire rings boring?

Never consider solitaire engagement rings to be uninteresting. The most traditional type of engagement ring is this one. They are incredibly beautiful and enthralling since they focus just on the diamond, and no one can ever suggest that a diamond is boring.

 Are Solitaires rings popular /trendy

Simple solitaires will never go out of style as they are in trends from ancient times being people's most incredible choice.

 What is the most important part of a Solitaire ring?

The Cut of the Diamond and the setting of the stone, these two aspects are important parts of a solitaire ring.

 What carat weight of a diamond is perfect for a Solitaire ring?

A solitaire will shine out at 0.50-carat weight, but halo settings are still fantastic for adding more sparkle.

 What type of wedding band looks best with a Solitaire ring?

A traditional solitaire engagement ring is one of the easiest-to-match styles and will look stunning with either a simple band or if you want to add more glitter, a pavé diamond band.

 Which is the best metal for a Solitaire ring?

White gold is a brilliant silvery white tint and is more modern than yellow gold. a well-known option for engagement rings.

 What is the most popular shape for a Solitaire ring?

Without question, the most common diamond shape is the round cut. The stone's fire is maximized by its round form. Round Brilliant cut diamond is perfect for solitaires.

 Can you add a halo to a solitaire ring? 

Yes! If you want to give your ring a little more glitter, this type of enhancement is highly popular and usual.