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Guide to Three Stone Ring

What is a Three Stone Ring?

In the past, many jewelers have included numerous different diamonds in a single ring. But the three-stone ring was the most straightforward and the only one that gained enormous popularity among all the designs. The ring typically has three diamond stones on it. These three stones feature a sizable center diamond surrounded by two slightly lesser diamonds. The same mounting and identical cut and shape are used for all three stones.

The symbolism of Three Stone Ring


Because of their extraordinary hardness and resilience, they are renowned for their lifespan. A stunning alternative to the classic solitaire Engagement Ring is one with three diamonds. De Beers created the first three-stone ring setting, which became immediately recognizable. The past, present, and future were represented by the three diamonds. Three-stone rings were created as a multipurpose piece of jewelry that may be given as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or engagements.

Why choose a Three Stone ring?

No doubt, three-stone rings are always beautiful and it also represents the past, present, and future of the wearer. Correspondingly defining love, friendship, and fidelity. Three Stone ring is one of the incredible choices for an engagement ring as they reflect personal meaning also it's becoming a couple's favorite choice as an engagement ring.

What to Look for in a Three-Stone Ring

While selecting the ideal three-stone ring could initially appear difficult, there are a few suggestions that might make the process simpler. Choosing the right type of stone for each location on the ring is the first step. Some people like to mix it up, while others prefer to use the same type of diamond for all three stones. Consult a jeweler who can help you locate the ideal stones for your budget and style if you are unsure of where to begin.

How to wear a Three Stone ring

Making the most of your stunning ring by combining it with intricately sculpted wedding and eternity bands can help you make the most of its distinctive three-stone design. Also, you can keep your three-stone ring simple just by stacking up with the elegant beauty of diamonds simply placed on the band. The perfect way to make your three-stone ring highlight is to decorate it will a diamond-stacked band designed differently that highlights its unspoken beauty.

Pros and Cons of Three Stone Ring

A three-stone engagement ring is unquestionably a lovely option. There are, of course, benefits and drawbacks to every ring setting and style.


  1. Representational meaning.
  2. They’re adaptable with infinite design possibilities.
  3. Ultimate sparkle.
  4. Sapphires, rubies, or emeralds make for gorgeous complements to this Three Stone Ring.


  1. Needs more cleaning and upkeep than a Solitaire kind of design.
  2. Side stone diamonds can embezzle the center stone’s brilliance if they are inaccurately designated.
  3. The more increased the color and clarity of the center stone, the more costly it is.

How to Enhance a Three-Stone Ring

Trends are something that keeps updating about the new fashion styles with passing years but some of the styles are something that never gets fade. Three stone ring is one of the most popular styles for engagement rings as well as anniversary rings. One can enhance its beauty by doing some upgradation in their ring, you can get all three stones of the same size or also you can change the center diamond with a gemstone or your birthstone to add a personal touch.

Cleaning & Caring for a Three-Stone Ring

Generally speaking, cleaning your three stone rings safely involves giving them a gentle wash in warm water with regular dish soap. However, it's still a good idea to hire a cleaning service occasionally. This involves regular, six-month inspections to make sure every stone is secure in its setting in addition to ensuring that each diamond has a stunning appearance.


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How much does a Three-Stone Ring Cost?

Three-stone diamond rings are interesting. Individuals that seek meaning and value in how they express themselves through jewelry really enjoy the three-stone diamond ring. The price of the three-stone ring varies hereby At Gemone Diamond the price starts from $2800 then depending upon the symbolic choice of metal, shape, color, and design.

Different Styles of Three Stone Ring


The three-stone diamond rings can be set with a variety of combinations of diamond cuts and styles, giving you a wide range of options. As was already said, the center stone is larger than the stones on the sides. The larger stone often weighs the same as the weight of the two side stones taken together. The most common diamond shapes for three-stone engagement rings are princess and round diamonds, which go nicely together. Along with oval and marquise, asscher and emerald forms are also common. Here are some of the most beautiful styles of three-stone rings displayed from our vast collection.

Princess Cut Three Stone Ring




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A graded series of Princess Diamonds are set in the Trinity three-stone setting, which has lovely proportions. This well-liked Engagement Ring blends thin shoulders with a fairly straightforward claw setting.

Three Stone Diamond Ring

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The design of the Three-stone Engagement Ring departs from the conventional three-stone aesthetic. Utilizing a combination setting, three Diamonds of a similar size run from edge to edge over an original design, giving the ring a well-built, substantial feel.

Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring




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A Three-Stone Engagement Ring with a modern classic design which is also called Bar Setting. This straightforward design, which has sweeping claws and a cozy court band, looks amazing with the 1-carat choice displayed in our main image. Compared to more traditional forms, the Lucida styling of the setting gives this design a distinctively modern vibe.

Three Stone Ring vs Solitaire Ring

Solitaires show the beauty of a single diamond while three-stone rings display the undeniable magnificence of three stones placed uniquely. When it comes to selecting a ring it definitely depends on personal choice as both styles are best but when you want to have a unique look then three stone rings are much better as one will get numerous options in selecting stone shapes whereas in styles too.

Where to Buy Three Stone Ring?

Since we have been in the natural diamond business for so long, Gemone Diamond has carefully evaluated diamond sellers to identify the best and most dependable in the market, from the quality of our stones to the designing process. Our Three-Stone Rings have fantastic designs that suit a variety of price ranges and are incredibly meaningful. Since you have the option to choose the shape, size, design, and even the emotions you wish to portray, there are really no set rules or timelines for purchasing them.




Three-stone rings have been in the trend for centuries, as the magnificence of three stones are been combined together in one ring. Pick your beautiful Three Stone Ring from Gemone and make an amazing standout on your special day. Three Stone ring will always provide a timeless elegant look for forever.


When did Three-Stone Rings become popular?

The Georgian era is when three-stone engagement rings were first created, but the Victorian and Art Deco eras saw a dramatic increase in demand that lasted into the mid-20th century. As many three-stone designs have developed, they have become a very popular option today.

What Does Three Stone Represent?

Diamonds are a representation of enduring love and devotion. A three-stone diamond ring may represent the enduring love a couple has had in the past, present, and future.

What are the other names of the Three-Stone Ring?

Three diamonds are set horizontally in a row in rings known as three-stone diamond rings, trinity rings, or trilogy rings.

What are the most common shapes of diamond used as the center stone in one Three Stone Ring?

Common diamond styles and shapes, Due to their propensity to complement one another, the round and princess diamond shapes are the most frequently utilized ones in three-stone engagement rings. The Asscher, marquise, emerald, and oval diamonds are some other popular three-stone diamond shapes.