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Top 7 Wedding Ring Styles Trends 2024

These are the most important questions when looking for the latest wedding rings. Get a wedding ring for your loved one.

However, they are not the only considerations.

2020 was a tumultuous year, and 2024, while it provides a glimmer of hope, doesn’t appear much different. Despite the challenges, a major constant remains; Our belief in love and companionship. These trying times have only made us try to love harder and better and, in our quest for newer ways to express our feelings, birthed immense creativity in the way we design and wear our rings.

Products of necessity and creativity, these are the top 7 wedding ring trends of 2024

1. Classic Wedding Ring


Classic wedding rings are simplistic but timeless. They are a reflection of the traditional wedding ring ceremonies where partners often exchanged solitaire band-style rings with an encrusted centerpiece diamond.

As such, classic rings immediately announce your “am married.” These rings have stood the test of time and triumphed. They are still highly popular in 2024 hence their position on our Wedding ring style list.


2. Vintage Wedding Ring


A tribute to the olden ages. Vintage rings are those whose designs take the form of an older era. They reflect the style of a unique past event or time in their design and provide an overall one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Challenges experienced in the past year made the need for reconnection stronger hence the rise in this unique design.


3. Eternity Wedding Band



Eternity rings exude an aura of deep affection and love for your partner. Like the Classic rings, they have a simplistic design which slight modifications to provide an edge.

Couples may inscribe words, letters, or shapes with intricate meaning on the ring to make it more special. Adding a detailed design around the ring’s diamonds amplifies its beauty and provides more sparkles and fire.


4. Halo Wedding Ring


This ring style has gained immense popularity owing to its beauty and practicality. Halo ring design features a centerpiece diamond/gemstone enclaved by a set of diamonds.

The surrounding diamonds build upon the central diamond's beauty through contrast letting its brilliance stand out. They often make the main gem appear larger than it actually is, hence, its suitability and use by people on a budget.


5. Infinity



Infinity rings, just like eternity rings, symbolize eternal love. This design, however, has an infinity symbol arched onto the ring. In order to increment the ring's beauty, pave diamonds could be encrusted for their brilliance and sparkle.


6. Pave



This style predominantly features multiple diamonds affixed together on the wedding ring band in a line. They could either be affixed as a standalone or together with a centerpiece diamond.

Pave diamonds are smaller hence more cost-friendly. Their fire and brilliance make the ring stand out. This unique design provides a modernistic vibe most millennials would like to be associated with.

7. Stackable



A contemporary trend, ring stacking, involves wearing several rings on either one or multiple fingers. As a standard rule, it is essential to understand the properties of the rings being stacked to provide the best look and feel.

Different rings symbolize different subject matters. For instance, you could wear 3 rings representing love, friendship, and sanctity or fidelity. As a fashion trend, ring stacking allows you to add more sparkle to your fingers and outfits.

These ring and band styles are bound to place you at the top of your game. As this year promotes creativity, contribute to the growing pool of designs and trends by sourcing the best diamonds from a trusted jeweler and making your designs known.