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Create Recycled Gold Jewelry

As part of our dedication to environmental commitment, Gemone Diamond predominantly uses reclaimed and re-refined gold in the making of our fine jewelry. We have high-quality, responsibly obtained precious metals, click here
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Salt & Pepper Diamond Jewelry

A speck of darkness and lightness unit - a Salt and pepper diamond embracing imperfections, it provides a reminder that true beauty is found in a unique and unconventional way.

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Conflict Free Diamonds

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Giving 1% of Every Sale to Plants

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Less Harm to Carbon Footprints

Ring Creation

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Cad Design

Rendering Design

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Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamond: where elegance meets the enigma of night, explore the magnifying beauty of Black Diamonds at the most affordable rates!

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30 Days Money Back

Within 30 calendar days of your purchase, if you are dissatisfied with the product or believe you have received a damaged product, please let us know and we will issue a complete refund(shipping charges are non-refundable). To learn more, click here.

Easy Return

In case you don't like the product or you have some issue with the product, you can easily return it. The product should be returned with all the content provided to you. Terms & Condition Apply.

Conflict-Free Diamond

Yes, conflict-free diamonds(lab-grown diamonds) are real diamonds and 100% conflict-free, they are also known as man-made diamonds or friendly diamonds as they are gone under chemical treatment and treated in laboratories. Since these stones are not mined, they're considered endurable.

Customer Served

We are part of 200K+ families, and giving smiles to the faces of customers is our primary goal. Providing a variety of products including bold studs to mesmerizing rings just to make you feel pleased. We take care of each and every minute detail to provide you with the best.


Transform your time into a glittering masterpiece, Enter into the timeless beauty!


Is custom jewelry a good option?

Yes, custom jewelry is something that you will have one of the few things that nobody else has. When you purchase personalized jewelry, you get something made just for you or a loved one.

What is redesigned jewelry?

Repurposing old, sentimental, or inherited jewelry to make a new, custom item is known as jewelry redesign. Remodelling jewelry is getting more and more popular, and it's a great way to turn unworn jewelry you've received into a piece you'll love, create bespoke jewelry with us!

Do We Re-design the jewelry?

Yes, we redesign the jewelry, as some people like to change the design of their engagement ring or wedding ring after some time, in that case, we can give a new look to your previous jewelry. For more information contact us here.

Custom design jewelry, does it sounds complex?

To us, yes, but not to you. We simplify everything for you. We only inquire about your desires because we are aware of what must be done to bring about those desires. With custom design, we figure out the specifics to create the jewelry of your dreams based on what you like.

Is custom jewelry a costly process?

It totally depends on you and on your preferences, you are the one who decides the price of jewelry by selecting all the components, including the quality of the diamonds, moissanite, black diamond, or lab diamond, the amount of gold used, and the complexity of the design.

How much does custom design take time?

Everything is unique in this place. The span of time depends on the complexity of the diamond jewelry design and the number of custom orders you have. Generally, it may take 10-12 days of time.

Can we make replications of any jewelry?

Yes, if you have any kind of suggestion or pre-selected design with you then we can definitely craft that design for you as we have experienced jewelry designers that will make your dream design within some span of time.

What is considered custom jewelry?

Typically, they are unique works. People who wear personalized jewelry are aware that no other person has the same piece as them.

Are we providing you with great ideas for customization?

Don't worry, our team of jewelry experts will guide you through a personalized customization experience based on your unique vision so it will be an easy process for you!